Dealing with unreasonable people during and after SHTF.

Hello my friend and welcome back!  I recently was forced to deal with a person who was completely unreasonable and simply refused to admit that he was wrong even when confronted with the truth.  I know that we have all been forced to deal with people like this in the past, but what about during and after SHTF?  All of the rules will change and you had better be ready.  This is the subject of today’s post, so grab a cup of coffee my friend and have a seat while we visit.

There is a very thin layer that holds our society together and keeps many people under control.  It’s the fear of incarceration by law enforcement that is the glue.  But what happens when that determent is gone?  The simple answer is that the crazies will start coming out of the woodwork. Without fear of reprisal, many sane people that you may know, will do things you never expected of them simply because they can.

It’s the same old story that has been repeated time and time again throughout history.  The strong will prey on the week and the loners will fall victim to the gangs.  Worse than that, many people will become unreasonable simply because they are afraid of being wrong about anything.  If they admit that they are wrong about something, then they would be forced to accept that they may be wrong about many other things and that scares the hell right out of them.

This was the case with my encounter recently and sadly I was forced to accept the fact that he would never truly admit he was wrong.  To be honest with you, if this same conversation were to have happened after SHTF, I would have been tempted to just shoot the idiot and go on with my business.  There is still the rule of law, and sadly a civilized person must do what they can to at least try to resolve the issue without gunplay.  This is what happens when you stop the rule of survival of the fittest.  Idiots are allowed to run around  being stupid and getting away with it.

Ever notice that most war time Veterans are really nice and intelligent people.  That’s because Idiots don’t usually last long on the battlefield. They usually are among the killed in action or absent without leave.  Trust me when I say you should never piss off 5 guys with a gun!  It’s bad JuJu!  Statistics have shown that jerks on the battlefield don’t usually last very long at all.  Many oddly seem to stumble in front of someone else and become victims of friendly fire. So when you meet a veteran of a foreign war, you can pretty much bet they are a good person, and I don’t recommend pissing them off.

Unfortunately though the same is not true of many of our Colleges and Universities today.  If it were, the number of graduates each year would most likely drop to a couple of  dozen.   I can just see the letter to the parents now, “Dear parents of John Doe,  I regret to inform you that your son was shot and killed this week for being an Butt hole.  We have spoken to the person responsible and asked them to please refrain from this type of behavior in the future. Thanks you.”    🙂

No, there is no way to win an argument with these people.  The best you can do is to try to confront them with the facts and short of that, offer them a way out that still allows them to save face.  I try to do this (If I’m in a good mood that is.)  If not then I just try to let them rant till they get it out of their system.  In my case recently, many people wanted to take it to the next level because they guy is constantly causing grief.  I think when he was faced with  several unhappy people, he realized that he was in an argument he couldn’t win. So when we offered a different solution, he took it.

When these types of situations happen after SHTF,  rather than having a “Boot hill”, people will have “Jerk hills” or maybe they will call it something else.  The truth is that the only real way to win an argument with a person like this is to never get into an argument with them at all by avoiding them when at all possible.  When SHTF hits, you need to be sure that you don’t become one of these type of people. because you just might wind up on someone’s “Crazy Hill”.  Well I guess that is it for today and I hope you have enjoyed today’s post.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America!



Prepper, Patriot, and Proud U.S. ARMY Veteran.

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27 Responses

  1. Bctruck says:

    I had something happen last week that would ended with a different outcome if it weren’t for the threat of incarceration. The power company has an easement along the edge of my property line. They wanted to come across my concrete driveway with very large and heavy equipment to trim the power line right of way. I told them not only could they not come onto my driveway, but we’ve had several days of rain ( north Louisiana) and I can’t even walk to the right of way without sinking. I couldn’t reason with them. It escalated into threats by the trimmers to drive across my property wether I wanted them to or not. The police were called (by me). I told them to come back in late august and I would take down a section of my fence and the ground would even be hard enough for them to drive across. The power company then sent a representative to insist I allow them access to their right of way. I told them there are four directions to the power lines. North,south,east,and west. The only direction they couldnt access them from was from the south. Get to them from the other three directions,or wait until the ground was dry enough to put equipment on without sinking. I lost. They threatened me with lawsuits. The cop that I called was on the side of the power company and I am left with knee deep destruction and ruts across my yard. If this had been a world WROL, the conversation would have ended after the second time I tried to reason with them.

    • Sarge says:

      I hear that BC !!!

      • Heinrich Mueller says:

        After the SHFT and Bctruck runs across any of these people, especially the cop, I say he should still shoot those assholes for tearing up his property, and I won’t consider him to be a crazy for doing it.

        • Sarge says:

          The Cop would not there because he wants to be. He’s just doing his job, Heinrich. Leave him out of it. I used to be a Deputy Sheriff, and I know what it’s like. 🙂

    • Benjammin says:

      Your mistake was in calling a cop. You should’ve called a lawyer. Who’s going to pay for the damage to your property now?

    • JJ says:

      That is so sad…and I wonder if it is geographical??
      Our property here in old Southern Kentucky– and I do mean ‘southern’ in adoring terms- borders a few acres that is harvested for hay twice a year.
      During March, the neighbor’s 3 year old had a birthday gathering and when the tractor driver came to spray the field, he made one round on the acreage, spotted the children on the play equipment in their back yard, stopped at an expense to him I’m sure, and left.
      THIS is manners instilled in our farmers.

    • Huggy says:

      BC, Pardner, I feel your pain!
      BTDT as they say.
      Had one utility company come onto my property when no one was home, do some work (laying cable TV cable under ground) then left without so much as letting me know they’d been there, although I suspected something had happened since I could see heavy equipment tire tracks on the ground.
      Fast forward 6 months, several months of CRAZY high water bills and my (now ex) wife calling me to tell me we had a HUGE water leak out in the North 40 while I was at work.
      I zoom home, see the problem, shut off the water to my property (with 5 family members, 5 horses, exotic birds and other critters) and start the excavation of LOTS of mud.
      Turns out the cable company used a trencher to cut a trench across my property, sliced through a supply pipe (PVC) and made a sloppy repair without the proper glue and never bothered to tell me.
      As you might imagine, eventually the splice let go but being 4 feet down, took a while to erupt into a geyser my kids found and turned into a mud pen play thing.
      After photos before and after I excavated and made the repairs then called the cable company who handed me off to the contracted company who actually did the work. They sent out a representative to see the damage allegations (they were balking at the alleged damage THEY caused, ‘Natch!).
      I insisted they pay for along with the abnormally high water bills for intervening months (compared to the previous 2 years bills), my time lost from work, MY time to affect repairs as opposed to a plumbing/excavating company to gain access, and they gladly (but grudgingly) agreed to pay me back, to the tune of just over $1,000.00 as opposed to the $1,500.00 PLUS had I called someone out.
      Another time, the transformer on the pole immediately adjacent to my house was struck by lightning (WOW, talk about loud and BRIGHT!) and the power company came out 2 days later, promptly got their bucket truck stuck balls-deep in the mud (who knew we had Gumbo mud here in the desert?!?) and left the ruts after the work was done and vehicle was extracted.
      I was PISSED as you might well imagine, but they left an expensive piece of power isolation tooling behind by accident.
      I called the power company and was told by a supervisor, no less, that they weren’t responsible for back filling that kind of project.
      I asked him what the tool they left was worth and, SILENCE, on his end.
      I offered an amicable trade and they had a crew out the very next day.
      Not the same thing you encountered but at least a little guy wins once in a while, even if it does cause some teeth gnashing, stomping of feet and elevated blood pressure.
      Hopefully you’ll be able to one day extract YOUR pound of flesh and recoup your losses, if only to stick it to The Man!

  2. Huggy says:

    And here I thought “I” was the only one to give this subject matter some consideration. LOL
    You are very right about having to deal with the unscrupulous, unfriendly unrealistic, unreasonable and just plain BULLY types in a grid down, SHTF situation.
    As you pointed out, SOMEtimes you can reason with them and help them to see the error of their ways and have a Come to Jesus moment when necessary.
    For those that fail to comply and learn to get along with a group for the overall betterment of those affected can be shown the door and bid farewell (and asked to never return again if it is severe enough) or you can turn them into Soylent Green or add them to the compost pile (the last two not really good ideas I hope you understand).
    Regardless, the disenchanted individual will be a force to reckon with now and possibly in the future as they could return with some friends to TAKE what they want and exact revenge for bring done wrong in their mind.
    So as a group, or as the leader of a group, you need to develop a mindset and/or a policy of what, how and when to deal with such malcontent types.
    An incorrect decision now (figuratively speaking) could come back to haunt you in disastrous ways in the future and it is and never will be an easy decision.
    Good luck, chose well and May The Force be with You! 😉

  3. CPT D says:

    No, Huggy, you are not alone. Knowing that my family will most likely have to remain in place and deal with consequences should the SHTF. I suspect the first unreasonable folks that we’ll see will most probably be our neighbors. It’s going to be hard to turn away folks as they may show up – and they’ll certainly be unreasonable personalities, but we can’t feed and protect people from out side the family or group. Talking and trying to reason with them will be impossible at best.

    Seems to me that OPSEC now and during the event is paramount. It’s going to be tough, but necessary to ensure the safety and security of the group or family. Stay stocked and stay armed and may the force be with you all as well.

    • Sarge says:

      Well Said CPT D! 🙂

    • Huggy says:

      I forgive you, Pardner. LOL
      Just drop down and gimme 20 RFN. 😉

      CPT D, OPSEC is 110% paramount for certain.
      That said, sometimes even dealing with the most loved in your circle of family and friends can lead to problems.
      As an example for the sake of discussion.
      I’m an Alpha personality having been an NCO in a Combat MOS and as a Deputy Sheriff (where Sarge and I are similar) as well as a Lead Mechanic working on airliners, corporate aircraft for some well-known personalities, a junor shift supervisor (more years then my immediate peers who promoted earlier by sniffing crotch) but I had the Directors ear and was his right hand Man to get the job done when others didnt, couldn’t or wouldn’t with the HIGHEST customer satisfaction reports, etc.
      But enough about me.
      Say I have family with similar background minus the LEO but they have started and run TWO side businesses along with working full-time for a scientific company.
      Anyhoodle, I have the preps and brother has the intellectual prowess WRT anything to do with surveillance via electonics, etc.
      We have a tendency to butt heads when it comes to prepping stocks…I have mine and he hasn’t any, yet he states that when/if the SHTF he’s bringing his wife and son to me.
      WTF, over?!?
      HE has the $$$ and I’m living off of disability payments and a meager Military disability pension and can ill afford to stock for them, my Fiancé, my Belgian Maligator and myself, yet he is ambivalent about the potential realities of stocking up except for an AR and G17, both of which I sold him at a loss.
      IF he were to contribute to a stockpile regimen for HIS family I’d be more than happy to stock it here (I have property well away from town whereas he is in town) and they could beat feet here and we can marshall our forces and be stronger combined.
      But he won’t, so what am I to do?
      I sure wouldn’t want to have to eliminate him and/or his family but their appearance on the scene would severely impact my stocks in terms of longevity.
      It’s a conundrum to be sure. Strangers or,(heaven forbid), neighbors trying to force their way in or stealing from me would make it an easy decision for me: elimination and not a second thought.
      But blood?
      That’s a toughie.
      Some family? I have brothers I wouldn’t think twice about feeding to the proverbial hogs but but not the one I’ve mentioned.
      So, yeah, it’s a tough decision and one that we MUST mull over BEFORE a situation happens that would require the immediate implementation of such drastic means.
      If you don’t make up your mind and factor in all the what ifs, when’s, how’s and why’s NOW you might hesitate when seconds count and others could suffer from a poorly made decision.
      As I said, it’s a toughie and you have to steel yourself to the possibility BEFORE it should happen.
      And then there are those of a pre-arranged group who somehow go off the deep end when the stress is at its peak. Folks might have been fine during practice runs, etc., but when the mud and the blood and the beer are flowing, can they be counted on to NOT fold?
      Then what if they cannot maintain an even strain when the chips are down and the decision is made to eject them? Seems like a no-brainer that they take what they contributed but what if it is a sizeable cache and they need a vehicle/gas and none work? Give them one, assuming one works even if it cripples the balance? Or a horse and wagon?
      What about their family if applicable? Do they get the boot if mom or pop are pitched out or given the option to stay? And what if mom/pop don’t want to leave them? What then?
      So you see, none of these scenarios is easy or cut and dried, are they?
      Have you even delved into the topic? To top it off, these items don’t even begin to cover the myriad of possibilities.
      Assuming YOU are the leader of your group or organization, what process have been emplaced from the most innocuous to the most dire and extreme?
      Good luck.

      • Anonymous says:

        Good morning Huggy. Like you and Sarge I, too, have an army background having served in a variety of qualifications including special forces, intelligence, and aviation – in CONUS and overseas. I feel I have a bit of experience but none of it – combat included, will prepare me (or us) for what we will face when all goes South.

        Without question or qualification the problem of supporting those who have not planned ahead, friend, family or neighbor, is a tough nut for most of us to answer. To begin, most of us have not been wired to ignore those who come for help. As a whole, we do not turn our backs very easily, However, we have to accept that fact that, at least in may case, I have the responsibility to provide for my family (wife & 17 year old son)as my highest priority. I use my understanding of responsibility as the basis for all of my prepping (I hate that term) and work towards ensuring that we have the means to continue for at least a year, and longer as we go along. Prepping is a family effort and that includes some serious discussions – especially between my wife and myself. One of the most difficult decisions was that we would prep for ourselves and there are several facts that led us to that decision:

        1. Prepping is expensive – especially if your income is fixed. The idea of prepping to support neighbors who have not is not reasonable. Thankfully we live in Central Arkansas and all of my family resides in the Kansas City area and my wife’s are in Louisiana.

        2. Space to store – Preps are bulky and do require a bit of management. Most simply don’t have the ability to store much more than a years worth of “stocks”. Every non-prepper that turns to you cuts the stocks drastically. We are also faced with the reality of deciding that once you start feeding the unprepared when do you stop? That can of dried beans and rice that you provide will only last so long, then they’ll be back for more.

        3. As we both agree OPSEC is paramount. We don’t hide in a bunker nervously watching our neighborhood, nor have we mentioned our efforts. I think that the least painful manner in dealing with people outside your group/family is to avoid the situation by keeping your efforts to yourself. Everyone has the opportunity to set aside “stocks” in case of an emergency – even FEMA has suggested that everyone should have a 72 hour reserve. Their failure does not mean that you put your family/group at risk.

        Anyway, those are some of my thoughts. If you wish to continue this discussion tap me at:

  4. yooper says:

    Well i am just glad i live where i do. My only neighbor is my nephew. Anybody else , i will just shoot and feed them to the bears. problem solved.

  5. Ben Leucking says:

    From my own personal perspective, the most unreasonable people that I am likely to encounter will be unprepared, irrational relatives who have no idea what it takes to survive in a post-SHTF world. Choose carefully who you allow into your home/compound; otherwise, a poor decision could bring unending conflict. That is, until you throw them out.

  6. Doug Smith says:

    Every time I read that a prepper intends to interact with the sheeple refugee flow – it’s “there’s a prepper that wasted time & effort & $$$$ prepping” – if you want a quik end to your survival – start a dialogue with utterly desperate people that won’t be taking “NO!!!!” as an answer …

    • Sarge says:

      Doug, In a case like you mentioned, you will only have one choice if you want to survive and that’s to start shooting until they all leave. Not a nice thought, but sometimes life is brutal. I agree with you.

  7. Ancestor Lady says:

    I have no problem shooting the “difficult” people trying to take what is mine. My concern with difficult people is learning to live amicably with the people in our bug out group. There will be 3 sets of parents of the couple who own the farm, and sisters, brothers, and their spouses, along with their children. Some discipline their children and some don’t. Some siblings are bossy and some are not. It is already apparent from family birthday parties that I would have a hard time not saying something to the ones whose children are inruly and incurring the wrath of the bossy mom who might slap the crap out of me. In all the post-apocalyptic books I have read, none have dissension within the group. You cant shoot bossy people who dont know how to re-make themselves in a group environment. You can’t put lazy people in a hot box for 3 days as punishment for shirking duties. And if you turn someone out who is so disagreeable as to cause a rift in the group, you have effectively killed that person, which wounds that person’s loved ones still in the group. A Terms of Agreement similar to The Mayflower Compact is a good start, but some people are still going to violate it. The male owner of the farm is a very strong and principled person who has no problem speaking up and does not avoid confrontation when necessary. I just hope his leadership is going to be enough.

    • CPT D says:

      Nobody can say for certain that they would this and they would that in a tine of crisis. When the SHTF and whole new set of norms will be necessary. If you are already concerned about the members of the group now, I would suggest that concerns will be magnified ten fold as you try to survive together.

      In a crisis such as discussed many times on this blog, there will be no law, no jails, no courts or prisons. I agree that you can’t put lazy people in a hot box for three days, at least not if you don’t want to spend your life looking over your shoulder. It would seem like the “group” needs to set down standards now, discuss them on a regular basis and secure the agreement of all that failure cannot be tolerated. If you don’t work, you don’t eat. If the transgression is serious enough, banishment is the response. Capital punishment will play a greater part I the new life and reasons for punishment will become far broader than we are accustomed to. Sounds harsh, but it will be a much harsher world.

  8. Q says:

    Sarge needs to run a spell and grammar check on his word processor before posting. Uh-oh, good thing we still have “law and order”, else Sarge might shoot me and be on his merry way . . .

    • Sarge says:

      I write like I speak as far as grammar goes. Misspellings are another thing altogether though and I do my best to catch them. You have to remember that I’m an old ARMY Dog and not a professional writer. 🙂

      • Huggy says:

        Sarge, we need to meet one day. It seems us old Army Sgt’s and former Deputy Sheriff types have a lot in common. 😉
        We can have a cup of coffee and shoot the bull. 🙂

    • Huggy says:

      Q. No need to be a Dick, Slick.
      Perhaps you should rename yourself to “Zero.”
      As in “Zero Class.”
      Learn what you can here.
      If it isn’t your cup of tea move on or start your OWN Blog. I be more than happy to visit it and critique your high falutin skills..:-/
      Otherwise, sit down and STHU and learn you place AND some manners, eh?