Hello, my friend!  From time to time, companies send me items to review which is something I’m glad to do.  Rather than you having to dig through past post looking for them, I have decided to list them on this page along with links to the review of each item.  This way if you are looking at buying to buy something new like a Survival Shovel, you can look here to see if I have reviewed one and check out the post on it.  Just another way we are working to make your Prepping experience a little better.  Just for the record, I will evaluate each item on its own merits and be honest as to what I think about the item being reviewed.  I value my readers and would never mislead you.  Enjoy!


Survival Shovel  from Survival Max (  5 Stars )





Broken Mirror by Michel Savage  ( 4.5 stars )






Off Grid and free by Ron Melchiore ( 5 Stars )






Dakota Snares (5Stars)








3VGear Paratus 3 day Operators pack ( 5 Stars)




Wiebe’s Vixen Folding Knife ( 4 stars )









EDC emergency survival kit








3V Gear’s Ranger 36 padded Double Gun Case






Survival Hax Water Purifier Bottle.