Survival Groups

I am creating this page due to the many request which I get from people wanting information on survival groups in their area.  If you have a group and are looking for new members or if you are looking to join a survival group in your area then please place your information in the form bellow.  Just be aware that American Preppers Online is NOT responsible for any information listed here and you should use it at your own risk.  I would also recommend that you choose a group or members carefully as this will be long term commitments. Please note that this is a moderated page.  Information will be added once it is reviewed for subject matter.  🙂



Jay –  Fayetteville, NC
I’m looking for preppers/ survivalists near Fayetteville, North Carolina. It would be great to sit down and just talk about this stuff with others. Joining or forming a group could also be a possibility as we get to know each other. Please respond if you live within an hour of Fayetteville, NC.

Grayfox 114 –  Spirit lake, ID
Spirit Lake, ID Area?

We have a group that is already formed, We are an independent bible church-based group so that is part of our deal, just so you know up front, We don’t push a religion but we are attempting to be followers of Jesus and it is part of our lives. But that said we try to learn things that will help the community continue if there is the break down in the greater society, that will require smaller communities to do for themselves. We have traveled to many parts of the globe learning what is done in less civilized countries, practice homesteading skills, enjoy shooting and hunting events. We also know that any umber of the visitors we get on any given Sunday maybe checking us out and that is okay you can do so and become involved at your own comfortability nobody is going to jump on you and ask about what you got stocked where, etc Near GREENVILLE, MICHIGAN email me if your near and like minded!

Connie – Chehalis,WA
Looking for preppers near Chehalis,WA

Dave –   Central or southern Ill.
Looking for a prepper group in Central or southern Ill.

Doug – Northern Wisconsin
Northern Wisconsin, well away from most of the cities. Two of us with a great location and decent preparations. We could use some extra hands and extra eyes after SHTF.

Cindy – North Carolina
Looking for a group in Piedmont Triad area of NC

David – S E Oklahoma
My wife and I are moving to S E Oklahoma in the spring of 2017 hope to find like minded folks.

Kim –  Kansas
looking for groups in Kansas

Jeffrey H.  – San Diego, calif.
Looking for someone that needs live onsite help preparing-labor-maintenance-anything to assist for SHTF.  I need to get somewhere off grid and no freeways before the crash!!

Richard Moore  -North Georga
In the north Georgia area contact me.Willing to work with anyone.