10 Lessons learned from the flood in Louisiana

Hello my friend and welcome back!   I have a short list for you of things the people of Louisiana learned from this historic flood and I hope you like it.  (Just for a reference, the “Cajun Navy” is local boat owners who simply jumped in whatever boat they had and launched them anywhere the water was deep enough.  They are credited with making 12,000 water rescues since the flood started.  The Government rescued 0as far as I know.)   Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Save America!


10 Things that we learned from the Louisiana Flood 2016

  1.  AT&T sucks and Verizon is owned by a Cajun.
  2. The Cajun Navy is better equipped than the Fed Govt., and is much faster.
  3. Race does not divide us, the media divides us.
  4. CNN stands for Covers Negativity News.
  5. We will find the means to cook in any situation.
  6. All Lives Matter, including 4 legged Animals.
  7. No water is too deep, nor too shallow for passage when lives are at stake.
  8. A Cajun can launch a boat anywhere including roadways.
  9. Our strength is “Togetherness”.
  10. Under no circumstances will we be defeated.

3 thoughts on “10 Lessons learned from the flood in Louisiana”

  1. Not Cajun,but,God bless you all. We pray for all of you every night. My son is out there as a damage adjuster for an insurance co. and he is a changed person for the experience.


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