10 simple items you may have over looked for your preps.

A friend of mine and I were comparing notes and decided to make a list of items we were both missing from our preps. After discussing what each was missing and what the benefit of each was, I decided to include the list in today’s post. Grab a cup of coffee and sit back while I explain what is on our list and why.

1. Clothespins – This should be a no brainer, but I somehow overlooked them. Besides just being used to hang cloths on a line to dry, they can be used to make a multitude on things as well.  It was so obvious, that I simply overlooked it. I guess it goes to show that no matter how much you have, there is always room for improvement!

2. Paracord – This is something I have thousands of feet of in my preps, but my friend had completely overlooked it in his. He was thinking he needed rope, but had not considered adding Paracord to his preps. Again, it is easy to overlook the obvious when making list of preps that you need.

3. Electrical tape – While there is no doubt that electrical wire repairs will be needed after SHTF, it can be essential for other repairs as well. An example would be a busted hose that you need for watering your garden, etc. I personally have a ton of electrical tape in my preps along with duct tape.  Their uses are endless!

4. Sand Paper – OK, I will admit that this is not one of the first things I would think of when thinking survival items. You have to remember that you won’t be able to simply run to the hardware store when you need things so this is one thing that you need to keep in your preps for wood working projects. There are many other projects that you can use it for as well when it comes to survival.

5.  Spray paint – In earth tones is something that you will want to have on hand for camouflaging items that you make so they don’t draw attention. The reason I say spray paint is because you won’t need chemicals for clean up when you are done. While I have several cans in my garage, I hadn’t considered adding it to my preps but in retrospect, I could see the value of it

6.  Block and tackles – This is another item that I really hadn’t considered for my preps. I can diffidently see the value of having a way to lift heavy items whether it is a log for building a shelter or for lifting a deer or hog for butchering. A block and tackle along with plenty of rope could be a huge back saver after SHTF.

7. Window screen – Window screen is one of those items that could be worth their weight in gold after SHTF. Whether you are using it for sifting flour or for covering an opening to let the air in and keep the bugs out, it will be a necessity and well worth the investment to add some to your preps.

8. Bees wax – Bees wax is another one of those things that people tend to overlook and will be in high demand after SHTF. Whether for making medicine like lip balm or for making candles and sealing cracks, you will want to have some of this on hand. It is cheap and can be kept in a sealed container until needed.

9. Pencils – While most people us pens for writhing with today, the pencil will once again be king after SHTF hits. They will right on just about any surface and will once again be in high demand. Whether you are writing in your journal, or marking wood for cutting, there is nothing that will do the job like a good old fashioned lead pencil.

Liquid water repellant – This is another one of those things that we don’t usually equate to survival, you will be glad to have it when the time comes. You can soak old sheets in it and make waterproof tarps out of them as well as seal wood so that it won’t soak up water. This is something you should have by the gallon in your preps if you don’t already.

While you should already have most of these in your preps, you will want to make sure that you have all of them if possible.  These are the kind of items you store besides food and water in your preps.  Making sure you have as much of what you will need for after SHTF will not only help you survive, it will also make your life much easier and that is the whole idea of today’s post. Well, that is it and I hope I have helped you to in some small way become a little more prepared.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong, and stay prepared!

-The Sargent-

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