Bugging out on a bike!

  Bugging out on a bike!  I was remembering the other day about the times back when I was a young boy in east Texas.  Walking down the sandy dirt roads listening to the neighbors chickens crowing, ducks quacking, and cows mooing.  Yep, those were good times, but for some reason, I just didn’t realize … Read more

Buy or Build an AR15?

Buy or Build an AR15?  That is a question that has really been bothering me.  I bought the one I have, but it seems I should have done a little more research.  A the time, I simply wanted a rifle that I could take straight from the store to the gun range without having to … Read more

Are your Preps Safe?

Are your Preps Safe?  Loosing your preps is a Preppers worst nightmare, however, that is exactly what has happened to some Preppers in Texas and Oklahoma recently.  Due to historic flooding and record rainfall in those states many people have been forced to leave their homes ( and their preps ) in what was previously believed … Read more