Finding you way with off grid lighting

Finding you way with off grid lighting. Being a Prepper, I am always looking at new and different ways for lighting my world. My wife swears I have a fetish for flashlights, guns and knives. While I’m not sure that it is the term that I would use to describe it, the truth is that … Read more

Terror comes to Louisiana! A locals thoughts.

I have lived here in Lafayette, Louisiana for the past 10 years and have to say it has, in the past few years, become more violent, but I never really thought I would see last night’s events happen here.  If anyone hasn’t heard yet, there was a tragedy in our Southern Louisiana town of Lafayette, … Read more

Homesteading in the Deep South

Homesteading in the Deep South is an area that presents it’s on special challenges.  Dealing with things such as constant rain and heat, that can be disastrous to your garden, is a constant threat, as well as trying to generate electrical power when the sun is behind clouds for days at a time.  We average … Read more

Knowledge is Power! What every Prepper should know.

Knowledge is Power in today’s world both now and after SHTF hits. As Preppers, we seem to concentrate on storing up supplies and sometimes we forget that we should also be concentrating on storing up knowledge as well. Whether it is something as simple as storing up books on how to do things without electricity or … Read more