How to deal with roving Gangs!

How to deal with roving gangs and large groups of hungry people.  This is a question that we all need to be concerned with.  When TEOTWAWKI happens, there will be a lot of people who will simply not be prepared.  They will be everyday people, who will become violent, when they realize that they have … Read more

Justice in a Teotwawki world.

Justice in a TEOTWAWKI world will be quite different from what it is in today’s society. It will be based on several factors and will be ugly and quick.  In today’s world, you receive a trial even if there is no doubt that you are guilty.  After TEOTWAWKI, that will most likely not be the case.  … Read more

We are on High Alert!

We are on high Alert here in the US.  Not only from threats of terrorist, but our own Government as well.  It is not beyond our Communist President to create a false flag just so he can punish the American people for taking away the Governments right to openly snoop on innocent Americans.  For this reason, we … Read more