Getting to the root of root cellars!

Today we are going to take a look at the root cellar and its uses as well as creating your own root cellar for SHTF. Improvised root cellars can be made in many ways and their value should not be overlooked both now and after SHTF hits. First we will look at their history and … Read more

Pack mentality or Survival Politics?

When it all finely hits the fan and the dust starts to settle, I believe we will be forced to make some difficult choices. As new groups start to form, and new leaders start to emerge, we will see the formation of more and more social groups for safety and protection as well cooperative farming … Read more

Prepper Depression and how to avoid it!

Prepper depression is very real and is usually caused by several factors. As my wife has pointed out to me before, it tends to sneak up on you and the overall effect is the completely hopeless and overwhelmed feeling that you get about the world and National situation in general. While there are actually many … Read more

Setting up an EOC for your Prepper group!

Setting up an EOC (Emergency Operations Center) for your Prepper group should be at the top of your group activities. When SHTF hits, you are going to need a centralized base of operations for disseminating information to your members. This could be everything from weather information to road closures and possibly even troop movements. Waiting until … Read more