I don’t need all of that!

If you listen to all of the so-called experts out there, then you will wind up buying way more than you can realistically carry in your bug out bag. This can be a problem especially for new Preppers who are still trying to figure out just what they should have in their bug out bag. … Read more

You can’t stop a survivor!

In todays Video Monday post, we are going to look at mobility solutions for the Handicapped Prepper. In a recent post that I wrote on age and those with mobility issues, I was surprised by some of the comments and emails that I received on the subject. The spirit and determination of many of those … Read more

PTSD: Real or imagined?

What I seem to find lately, is that there is some debate over whether or not PTSD is real and to tell you the truth it shocks me that some people choose to believe that it is a fake illness. In today’s post, we are going to look at just this subject and discuss what the symptoms are … Read more