Video Monday: Ammo Box Survival Kit

Today on Video Monday, we are sharing a great video by Chris Tanner, at .  Great challenge to fit a 72hr survival kit in an ammo box, which is a great way to learn to prioritize what you REALLY need.  Great kit for the car or truck.  Hope you enjoy the video and learn something from … Read more

Christmas after SHTF hits will be very different!

Hello everyone! The first thing I want to do is to wish each of you a Very Merry Christmas! I truly hope that each and every one of you will spend the day surrounded by those you love most in your life! May you be blessed with the true spirit of Christmas and your fondest … Read more

Surviving SHTF with digestive issues.

Hello everyone! Until recently I never really thought much about Dietary issues as I had never had any. Being the Sargent, I have always had a stomach and digestive system made of iron! Well, it seems my system has developed a rusty spot and I find that I will have to watch what I eat … Read more