Round is a shape!…Getting and staying healthy is a part of Prepping.

Hello my friend and welcome to today’s post. I can’t help but notice how many Preppers are in bad health and/or overweight…myself included!  So why is this and why do we allow ourselves to get this way?  We all know that it would be a bad thing when SHTF hits yet here we are.  In today’s … Read more

A great American Hero has been executed by the Federal Government and we will not let it stand!

As many of you know, around 4:30 Tuesday afternoon, Rancher LaVoy Finicum was executed by the Government and Ammon Bundy along with others were arrested for standing up for their rights in Oregon. Whether we like it or not, the Second American Civil war has begun. This can not be allowed to stand and the … Read more

I miss the Old America!

Hello my friend and welcome to today’s post. Today I am going to indulge myself and reminisce about the good old days and how there very different from the world we live in today. Grab a cup of coffee and have a seat while we chat. I miss the old America, back when men were … Read more