Video: Top Five Useful Ways to Coil and Stow Rope for Camping, Backpacking and Farming.

Hello my friend and welcome back!  While there are a ton of videos out there for Preppers, covering many different aspects of Prepping, there really are not a lot which cover some of the more basic skills.  However,  Nature Reliance on YouTube, does cover many of these basic but important.  I really enjoy his videos and … Read more

Before you Bug Out After SHTF.

Hello my friend and welcome back!  I apologize again for the number of videos I have been posting, but it is simply unavoidable.  I did find what I think is a great video by Canadian Prepper which speaks very frankly to those who have never been forced to survive in the wilderness on their own.  … Read more

A letter from Sarge.

Hello my friend and welcome back!  I just wanted to ask my loyal readers to bear with me while I work through some family medical issues which may prevent me from being able to produce a new post each day,  I will try to have a new video on those occasions when I cannot have … Read more