Guest Post: How to Fly Fish for Trout in Streams by John Morris

Hello, my friend and welcome back! Today we have a guest post by John Morris from  Many people especially those of us from the South have no idea how to fish for trout.  You don’t use the same technique and tackle that we use for a Crappie or Bass.  believe me when I say it;s a whole different … Read more

Guest Post: Hunting Small Game Animals with Your Airsoft Gun for Survival by Vicki Clain

 Hello, my friend and welcome back!  Today we have a guest post from Vicki Clain who has written articles on Prepping for the Huffington Post recently.  she is a great writer and an avid hunter. In her post for today on “Hunting Small Game Animals with Your Airsoft Gun for Survival,” she takes a unique look at … Read more