Did the 2nd American Civil War just begin?

Hello, my friend and welcome back!  I turned on the TV today to find out that two Republican Congressmen and an Aid had been shot while out practicing Baseball and that it was politically motivated. This is the subject of today’s post, so grab a cup of coffee my friend and have a seat while we visit.

While I try to shy away from politics when I can, this time I just can’t.  When Fox News announced that “Key House Republican Steve Scalise, and aides shot at Virginia baseball field” it immediately got my attention. Why? Because this is just the kind of thing myself and many others have been warning people about.

For years now, our society has become more and more polarized.  It seems like the Liberals and the Democrats just can’t accept that they were defeated in the Presidential election.  Of course, I think this was coming no matter who won the election.  The left and right are just so far apart and getting further every day.  What’s more, their actions are becoming more and more violent with our elected officials doing nothing to help and in some cases they are even tho ones instigating the trouble to start with.

It’s been like a slow burning fuse leading to a huge powder keg that is going to blow any minute.  The question is, was this shooting just another spark in the fuse or the precursor to an even bigger explosion yet to come?  It’s happening every day all across the US, where people are marching and protesting for things they don’t even understand and when they are confronted, they turn violent. There are just so many people in the US who feel they have been excluded from the world around them and they desperately want to be seen as a part of the world around them.  These people don’t care whether or not their cause is right, they just want to feel like they have been heard and will do anything it takes… even killing innocent people.

Somewhere along the way, it has become justified to kill or harm people who simply disagree with you. It’s become common for people to feel that everyone must agree with them no matter their point of view.  Simply put,’Zero Tolerance’ for anyone who doesn’t think like they do.  This can only lead to one thing…Civil War!

The idea of killing people who disagreed with or said something they didn’t like seems to have originated in the Middle East.  There it is consider justified to kill or stone someone who says or does things you dislike.  They believe it’s their right to do it.  With the spreading of the Muslim faith in the western worlds, this comes along with them.  People see Politicians saying that they support the religion which believes this way, and think Hey!  If they can do it, why can’t I?  I don’t like what the conservatives say and think, so they need to stop or I will kill them.  To them this makes perfect sense.

Let me say straight up that this philosophy is not only dangerous, but downright stupidity!  These same people march and protest that they want equality, when what they really want is supremacy.  This can be seen more clearly with the Black Lives Matter group.  Who are now demanding that someplaces are for Blacks only and no other race should be allowed to go there on University campuses.  That’s not equality, it’s exceptionalism, it putting one race above all the others.  Between Hate groups like them and the spreading of the Islamic Religion here in the US, there is only one way this can end and any blind man can see it.

Things are not getting better my friend, they are getting much worse.  Like a snowball rolling down a hill, they will grow till they are out of control and in doing so destroy our society of free will.  Only time will tell whether or not this shooting is an isolated shooting, or if it becomes another shot heard around the world.  In either case my friend, get ready for another Civil War because just as sure as the sun rises, it is coming.  Prepare now or suffer the consequences.

Well that’s it for today and I hope you have enjoyed this post.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


15 thoughts on “Did the 2nd American Civil War just begin?”

  1. Sarge,
    I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments, but I think what we are witnessing is more akin to a revolution in the making, and it bears a strong resemblance to the Russian Revolution of 1917-1918. Today’s rivals are Americans who want to defend the principals of our Constitution versus liberal, progressive, socialists/leftists who would destroy it.

    We have been accommodating these people far longer than Obama was in office and now we are paying the price. Americans have grown soft-headed and lazy about what this country represents and its values.. There really is no room for political correctness or tolerance any longer.

  2. I agree, we may be past the point of no return, but I cringe when I hear people say “I’m ready” or “Bring it on”. The thought of civil war makes me want to cry.

    I am not a stranger to fights and deadly force confrontations. Most folks visualize war through the lens of a Hollywood camera, somehow exhilarating, exciting, and romantic. It’s anything but.

    Civil war? No safe passage anywhere. Never knowing when you are the next target. Breakdown of infrastructure, resulting in food shortages, untreated water, disease, and bodies rotting everywhere.

    Afterwards? A replacement government will rise up. You won’t recognize it. Our constitutional republic was an anomaly of civilized history, a nation where the common man has rights enshrined in its foundation, the constitution. Once that nation tears itself apart, it will probably never be equaled again.

    If your pick-up is a couple of quarts low on oil, would you throw up your hands and say “well the engine is about to destroy itself, nothing I can do”, or would you fill it back up with oil?

    Having said that, we may have no choice. The left has made it clear they would prefer a violent take-over rather than risk losing the ground they’ve gained under Obama. I have never ran from a fight. I won’t start now. Doesn’t mean I look forward to it.

    If we do in fact fall into a civil war, the rest of the world will fall into world war. The U.S. has be the surrogate mother to the world since WWI. We nurtured the other countries back to health after pulling them out of destruction through war, rebuilt their infrastructure, fed them through their famines, refereed their backyard skirmishes, even if they were defeated enemies. Now the world is watching the grownups go through a bitter divorce. If we, as a country, don’t reconcile, it may be the end to modern civilization.

    Other than that, life is good. I sometimes ramble.

  3. Sarge, I wish to Hades I could find fault with your assessment of the way things are going but, sadly, I cannot.
    I, too, wish that people would return to the old days of Live and Let Live but it seems those days are past and harder and harder to return to. And the longer it continues the harder it will be to stop, much less reverse course.
    That said, I want to hold onto the concept that cooler heads will prevail and, as you mention, exceptionalism of any single group, sex, color or religious belief (to name but a few) seems to create more and larger groups of malcontents will roll back and become a non-starter.
    HEY! A man can dream, can’t he?
    BLM types want their own, racially divided, places to gather yet they yell loudly if, say, whites do the same. It is only natural (if bull-headed) to take this approach and mindset but it is human nature.
    But it isn’t just races that feel that way. All too often as we are seeing, religion is playing a HUGE part in this equation.
    Regardless of which side of the aisle you stand on, it is WRONG!
    Personally, I believe that this country needs to return back to the “old” ways and STOP the process of breaking down all of our collective ways and moving into individual groups with each vying to be the top of the pyramid and all others lesser or subjugated to lesser roles or positions on the totem pole.
    How do we achieve a roll back to the “olden days?”
    Well, first we need to STOP all politicians from the poorly veiled process of pandering to any specific group of people. They will promise the poor, the uneducated, the varied skin color or religious beliefs all that they ask if only they will vote for them in an attempt to retain their political power and position in government.
    POLITICIANS are the PRIMARY blame for trying to divide their respective constituents! If they can keep the various groups riled up, it gives them the ammunition (no pun intended) to enact laws that, in reality, TAKE away more and more of our freedom and NEITHER or ANY side will prevail!
    After all, if WE cannot police ourselves and curb OUR emotions and actions, then, By GOD, they will do it FOR US! Or more precisely, TO us.
    But people being people and mostly greedy for our own preservation have tremendously short memories and, not too unlike politicians themselves, will always maneuver for a better position in life, whether they worked for it or can achieve it by any means possible, including taking from others by hook or crook so they are closer to the top of the food chain.
    We as the (alleged) masters of the politicians as a whole MUST pull our heads out of the, er, sand, and take a stand and encourage them to do OUR bidding. NOT the other way around.
    It seems the days of politicians polling their constituents to learn what THEY want then working to achieve those goals are gone. Now, the politicians think THEY know what WE want or “NEED”, regardless of WE think then push THEIR OWN agenda.
    I actually saw on this morning news where some politician (I didn’t catch his name, party or position) actually came out on nationwide news and expressed that PRECISE opinion in his own words!
    I don’t like to point fingers and hate to make unproven statements or generalities, but from what I’ve observed over the past decade or so, it is the Democratic side of the political spectrum who seem to try the hardest to play that game. It isn’t like the Republicans are without blame, though, but the democratic side of the equation seem to be head and shoulders above all others.
    One only need to look at the likes of Schumer, Pelosi and their ilk to find two outstanding examples of what I’m refer to.
    I also believe that one way to curb this from expanding and continuing is to enact Term Limits. Doing so won’t be a panacea to all our woes. Not by a long shot. I have no doubt that those who leave public “service” would love nothing more than to put a puppet into their vacated position and be pulling their strings from behind the curtain as a way of continuing to push their own agenda and creating an ongoing legacy.
    As far as I am concerned, when a politician is out of office, they should revert to being just like the rest of us. A private citizen with NO ADDITIONAL involvement in national political policy or involvement. Let them run for a seat on their local council if they desire. But that’s it.
    Additionally, NO politician should EVER continue to receive life-long pay OR OTHER BENEFITS!
    Not only don’t they deserve it, they don’t NEED it to survive. From what I’ve read from various sources, EVERY SINGLE POLITICIAN is a millionaire, some of them many times over. And the vast majority of them are, or have been, an attorney, so what need of a meager (??) paycheck do they have?!? Surely they can afford quality medical and dental care. I’m convinced that it is just a way for them to stick it to us peon’s!
    Ok. I’ve ranted long enough. For now.
    Take Care, God Bless, keep your powder dry and PRAY we are both wrong about what appears to be looming on the horizon WRT possible Civil Warfare.
    That is something NONE of us will escape from unscathed in some form or fashion.

  4. I have been in the valley before , and I pray that this happens before my family has to deal with it . Because when the culling starts its not going to be any fun for most of us. But I am ready at any moment to start. Just so my family doesn’t have to deal with it.

    • Thomas Jefferson, I think it was that said “I do not want war, but if war must come, let it be in my generation so that my children ma know peace.”

  5. How do you think the Civil War will be fought? I told my husband after the election in case we are asked, not to say we voted for Trump out of fear of retribution. We don’t walk around with Trump clothes on, nor do the violent Democrats, how to we fight what we can’t see?

    • If you hide your opinions out of fear, then they have already won! That’s exactly what they want, for you to not speak out against them. As they say, “All it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to do and say nothing.

  6. It has begun! My heart aches. The first thing I thought was, this is truly the second shot heard around the world. My late husband told me 25 years ago, that the next Civil War was coming and it would not be North against South, it would be the haves against the have nots. It would be against the people who wanted smaller Government against those who think Government should control everything.

  7. You have “celebrities” telling people on national TV that they would like to blow up the whitehouse. Kathy griffin holding a likeness of the presidents severed and bloodied head, the publicly funded “play” that clearly depicts the president being assinated. You have people that shout down any speaker or representative that doesn’t support their own narrow agenda. Every late night show spends their entire monologue telling crude,vicious and disrespectful “jokes” about the president. Civil war? Bring it on! I’m going to say just what I want since that’s now the way the world works. I think this country would be much better off without the ocean of takers/non producers that have moved to the forefront of life. The protesters, the BLM gang, the ANTIFA’s, the occupiers, the socialists, the supporters of the violent “religion” called Islam. I am quite prepared for civil war. There is no longer a middle or common ground between the left and the right. There is not a single notion of theirs that I could ever support.

    • Amen Brother! You know you’re close to the Truth when a currently serving ARMY General replies and says he basically agrees with me. He apparently follows me on Twiter.


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