Nothing to worry about?

While talking to one of my coworkers recently, who knows that I am a Prepper, he asked me “What is the big deal? What on earth is there to worry about?”.

Wow, where do I start?  My first question to him was to ask if he even watches the News?  He said it was too depressing and there was nothing he could do to fix any of it so why bother.  This told me a lot about him.  He doesn’t know what is going on in the world or at home and doesn’t want to know.   I then proceeded to explain to him that his world of Unicorns and Rainbows was about to come to an end.  The rest of the conversation went something like this:

OK…Let’s start with the US Economy.  The so called Quantum Easing is not easing anything.  It is only delaying the inevitable.  It is not a matter of if, but when it will collapse.  No one disputes that fact, and it is only a matter of time before it happens.  Our US economy is a house of cards that is about to come tumbling down around us.  What’s more is that the only thing that is keeping it up is the Petro dollar, because all of the Oil bought in the world must be bought and sold in US dollars per an agreement with Saudi Arabia.  However, the US has broken it’s deal with them and there is no longer any guarantee that will continue to be true.  In fact, China has recently stockpiled 30,000 tons of gold, and is believed to be preparing to offer a new world currency that is backed by Gold.  This is compared to  US Currency which is backed by nothing at all.  If this happens, then the US dollar will be worthless and the US Economy will go into free fall.  Hyperinflation would ensue and a loaf of bread costing a hundred dollars would not be out of the question.  A person having 500,000 in a retirement account would have the equivalent of about 500 dollars, if that.  Of course if this happened, then the Banks would all go bankrupt overnight and any money you might have in it, would be gone as well.  Basically, millions of people would starve to death.  No… the Government and other countries would not come to help because they would be in pretty much the same boat due to US debt that they bought and could now never be repaid.  Once the US Economy falls, the world economy would fall in short order as well.  We would be on our own with no one to help.  People will not work if they don’t get paid, so Water, Sewer and Electricity would all begin to fail.  Then, there are those who depend on the US Government for their entitlements to survive.  Imagine Millions of Welfare recipients waking up one morning to find that they will no longer receive any support from the Government.  They will kill to get food for their families, and if you have what they want, then they will kill you and never bat an eye.   When their children are hungry, they will do whatever they have to.  The experts seem to agree that if this happens, the US Population will shrink by at least 60% within one year.  Nothing to worry about right?

Then there is Cyber Attack.  This could come in many different ways.  They could attack our electrical Infrastructure or our financial infrastructure.  In either case, we would be in deep trouble.  Most people don’t realize just how dependent we are on our electricity. They don’t stop and think bout the fact that without refrigeration, there would be no way to store meat and vegetables for any extended period of time.  There would be no way to pump oil or gas or even water for that matter.  Sewers would stop working and disease would soon set in.  Medication and other goods could not be manufactured as well.    Think about all of the People on some type of life support system that requires electricity.  They would all die in short order.  There are millions of people on Medication that they need to survive such as Insulin which needs to be refrigerated.  People will do anything to keep the one they love alive, even kill.  Without electricity, starvation would soon set in and those EBT cards wont work without electricity either.  If it lasted just 30 days, it would take the US years to recover.  Within 30 days we would see a complete breakdown on our society and the streets would turn to chaos.  A Financial attack would not be much better.  Debit cards, credit cards and EBT cards would not work.  In essence, all forms of electronic money would be frozen and possibly lost forever.  Cash would be king and anyone that doesn’t have any on hand would be totally screwed.  No money equates to no food, no gas, no medication, nothing at all and we all know where that leads.  Hungry people are desperate people, but nothing to worry about right?

While there are many forms that an attack could come in, probably the least known is the EMP Attack.  This happens when a special Nuclear bomb is  exploded 300 miles up in the atmosphere creating an Electro Magnetic Pulse that quite simply fries all of the modern electronics including  computer, Cars, and pretty much everything that has a microchip in it.  AS Bombs go, it is the most destructive known to man as far as shear numbers of items it destroys, but there is no danger of fallout and no building destroyed by the blast.  It is also the most deadly.  It is estimated that if one were set off over the US by some rogue nation, that 90% of the people in America would be dead in a year from starvation,disease, and violence.  Many Nations are known to have these, including  Russia, China, and a few other Countries that really don’t like us very much  It is even believed that North Korea may have purchased one on the black market.  Just think about it…No Cars, No Refrigeration, No Hospitals, No Food, No Medication, No Water, etc.  It would be a nightmare scenario at best.  The US is a very large country, so help from anywhere, if it even came would be far and few between.  I think that most of our Allies would even have to think twice about getting involved in a situation with a Country that has already shown that it will use this type of device for fear that one might be used on them.  In my book this is one of the worst case scenarios that could possibly occur. But then,” Nothing to worry about” right?

Next there is World War 3. War with Russia or China would lead to massive destruction of our world.  With the New Cold War in in full bloom, this has once again became a real concern.  We keep antagonizing Russia and they are becoming more and more aggressive.  Running repeated Bombing test flight on The US and European borders and apparently looking for weak spots in our defenses.  Most people don’t realize that this is occurring an almost a daily basis. Then there is North Korea and IRAN who have openly stated that the will destroy the US at there first opportunity.  These Regimes are very dangerous and should not be underestimated.  All they need is one EMP Bomb and a way to get close enough to the US to launch it and our world will change forever.  Now of course one of our Allies may actually have the nerve to do a counter strike, which would immediately draw a response from Russia and China as they would like nothing more than to see the US destroyed or brought to it’s knees.  Any way you look at it, World War 3 would destroy the US and our people.  But then nothing to worry about right?

There are many other things that threaten our way of life and not nearly enough room here to go into them all.  Other threats include Plague, ISIS, Drought, Famine, and  of course social upheaval.  Every day that we live in peace is another miracle.  The odds are against us and our time is running out.  I must say that I believe that anyone who thinks that there is nothing to worry about is both naïve and dangerous. This world we live in is  changing every day and we have to be ready to respond to those changes.  If not then we are allowing those who threaten us to succeed in their task.  Nothing to worry about?  I sure as heck think there is something to worry about as does any intelligent person who bothers to open their eyes.    As for me…I’m going to keep prepping!


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