5 Skills that will be in high demand when SHTF hits!

5 Skills that will be in high demand when SHTF hits!  When SHTF hits, there will be certain skill sets and trades that will be in very high demand, once things start to settle down and the walking dead are all gone. These are going to be the skills that will keep you alive and anyone that has them will be way ahead of everyone else because they will have a trade that they can use to earn food and shelter with.  Some of these skills are going to be the topic of today’s post.  Please note that the skills I have chosen here are based on worst case scenarios and are in no particular order.

Carpentry – Carpentry is one of those basic skills that most of us have, to a  certain point that is. Now please understand that there is a difference between repairing something and screwing a piece of stick on to it and calling it good. A true Carpenter is an artist as much as anything else. We are talking about people who have taken the time and put forth the effort to learn it as a craft. There work is prized for its quality and usefulness. Some will build furniture and some will build buildings that will be an intricate part of people’s lives. Their quality and ability to last for years is what will set them apart from the rest. These people will be sought out and will be treated as an honored guest in just about any place they go. They will have a much better chance of surviving than the rest of us, once things settle down that is.

Herbalist – This is the ability to find, prepare medical herbs and medicines for treating illnesses. They will play the part of the old country doctor of days long gone by. Their ability to know exactly which herbs and how much to give someone will set them apart from those with just a passing interest in the field or who lack the experience that is required to do the job well. The will become a prized part of any community and will be well taken care of when their skills are needed. Now this is not the same as someone who knows which plants are edible and which ones are not. These are going to be the modern-day doctors and pharmacist because, pharmacy’s will be a thing of the past.

Electrical/ Electronic repairman – When SHTF hits and we are forced to generate our own electrical power to survive, then things are going to get real interesting for sure. Many Preppers will have solar panels and chargers, as well as wind turbines in their preps, but when it comes time to put them up or if they break, people will be willing to pay almost anything to get them going again. Again, I am speaking of people with more than a passing interest in the field. It will take experience and someone with a creative mind to find new and better ways to do things without being able to run to the store for parts. There may be a few more of these around than some of the other skills, but I can see where they would be in high demand when the time comes.

Food Farmer – Yes, I am sure that is probably not the right term for it but it works. I’m talking about someone who has raised large food crops in the past and is very aware of when and how to plant food crops. Someone that can look at the ground and see if it will grow crops to start with and what to do to make the soil better. Someone that can feed hundreds of people each year. These are going to be the kings in the post-apocalyptic world and to say they will be in high demand would be a gross understatement to say the least. Land can be had, but the skill to make it feed the masses is a skill that will be of the highest demand when SHTF comes. No, growing flowers in a flowerbed does not count!

Hunter/ Butcher – There will be a ton of people out there that will be claiming to have this skill at first. That is until the wildlife gets hard to find. With everyone and their brother running around in the forest killing everything that moves, it won’t take long for the die off to begin. To be clear, when I say hunter, I am speaking of someone who has the experience and training to track and kill edible wild game. Not just someone who sets in a tree all day and hopes a deer runs by in front of them. The second part of this skill is the ability to properly clean and butcher animals without wasting a drop of meat in the process. This would include cattle as well. Having fresh meat and knowing how to clean, butcher, process and  preserve the meat will become a skill in high demand. Even those that are lucky enough to kill something on their own will still need someone to process the meat for them. The sad truth is that a lot of people just don’t like the idea of getting blood on them if they can help it. That will eventually change, but until it does, these skills will still be in very high demand.

Well, these are just 5 of the skills that will be in high demand after SHTF hits. Now I know that there will be many others as well, these are some of the ones I have thought about and felt the need to point out to you in this post. If you have any of these skills, you are way ahead of the rest of the pack.  If you are looking for a skill that will increase your chances of survival after SHTF hits, then you might want to consider learning one of these.  No matter how well prepared you might be, learning new skills should be at the top of your list of things to continue doing.    Well I hope that I might have given you something new to think about today and maybe a few new ideas for prepping.  Until next time, please remember that prepping is a direction of travel and not a destination!  God Bless!

-The Sargent-

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