Seven cold hard facts about living in a post-SHTF world!

Hello, my friend and welcome back! We can all agree that life will be different after SHTF, and there will be new natural laws, as well as changes in everything from your diet to where you will live.  To say it won’t be the same would be a gross understatement and in today’s post we are going to take a look at seven ways our lives will change, so grab a cup of coffee and have a seat while we visit my friend.

I know that many of us think we know exactly what to expect and are ready for it, but are we really? It’s human nature to simply not see things that make us uncomfortable or that we don’t want to face. This is true of all us, but sometimes you need to sit down and bring those things out of the dark and face them. We all need to look at the cold hard facts of living in a post-SHTF world, as unpleasant as they may be.

The 1st fact of any disaster is that you only have what you can keep. Whether it’s food, land, medicine or your wife and family. If you can’t defend or protect it then it will not be yours very long and that is a cold hard fact.

The 2nd fact is that no one is coming to help you and especially not the government. If you survive it will be only because you are prepared and ready to do what is necessary and to do whatever it takes.  This is why we prep and keep prepping, to be sure that when the time comes, we can take care of ourselves, without any outside help.

The 3rd fact is that a lot of people are going to want to kill you right from the start. Whether it is for what you have or just because there is no one to stop them but you.  You know, one of the first things I learned as a Sheriff’s Deputy was that the worst criminals don’t look like criminals at all.  In many cases they look like the least likely person to commit a crime.  It’s true!  Trust no one until they have proven their loyalty and even then still watch them.

The 4th fact is that there are going to be some things which simply can’t be done, because failed to learn how. Good intentions are not the same as knowing how to do something. Each of us will find ourselves at a loss over something we had all intentions of learning, but didn’t. Good intentions will not fix a broken tractor of shoe a horse.  Like I said in the beginning, we tend to overlook things which are hard or uncomfortable.

The 5th fact is that you are going to go hungry at times and lose weight. To what degree this will happen will depend on how well you have prepared and to the circumstances you are faced with.  Being tired and hungry is a terrible feeling and in a post-SHTF world it will be only too common I’m afraid. Hopefully, you will have been smart enough to have saved cloths that are too small for you so you will have something to wear when you lose weight.

The 6th fact is that there are going to be times when you are scared. Fear is normal, but the measure of a person is how they deal with that fear.  Do you let it cripple you or do you use it to make yourself stronger and keep going.  If you use it to make you stronger and keep moving, then it turns form fear to courage.

Fact 7th is that you will do much more than you ever thought you were capable of, things you never thought you could. You will face obstacles and overcome fears that you may have had all our lives, no matter what they are. Why would you do this, because the only other option is death?

Gone will be the days of central heat and air. Gone will be the days of sleeping late and lying around the house. They will be replaced with getting up early to a hot or cold house and heading out the door to the outhouse. Then you start your chores…all before breakfast.  The days of luxury will be gone, replaced by days filled with fighting to survive.

Yes, a post-SHTF world will not be a fun time for anyone, but it will have a few perks. The return of everyone eating at the same time and talking around the table.  Without cell phones, people will again have to learn the fine art of face to face conversation.  There will actually be times when you can sit and just enjoy life and nature that is around you.  I see it as being a cross between “The Walton’s”  and “Mad Max”.

Just think about this when you’re prepping and stop overlooking those little blind spots we all tend to ignore and you will be in much better shape than 99% of the other people around you. They say that our future is what we make it, so make sure yours is a good one.

Until next time, stay safe, stay strong, and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


8 thoughts on “Seven cold hard facts about living in a post-SHTF world!”

  1. Hate from from the left to the right? I see much more invective the other way around, but I try to see it from all points of view – walk in their shoes, if you will. And I might add that is also how you judge those around you in a SHTF scenario, Don’t fall into the trap of ignorance by blaming those who don’t think like you do vis-a-vis solutions to problems. And definitely don’t do it in a SHTF scenario, because first: those differences will melt away and second: like the good deputy said above, it is the seemingly unlikely individual (read – someone you think is just like you) that may turn out to be the worst.

  2. ”Tis reminds of an old axiom I heard from a mentor:, “In God we trust, everybody else, keep yer hands where I can see them!”
    My take is that things will definitely be far worse than we could ever imagine.

  3. It will not be as bad as you say nor will it be wine and roses. Shock that it happened,then panic by the unprepared,then the opportunist came round, these scumbags will be run out of town because neighborhoods have pulled together. The places that are bad now will not change so they must be avoided all of this is only I mean only going to work out for us when we remember to be flexible. Flexible and willing to work hard,when needed,and learn new ways not adapting is what killed off the viking’s in Greenland they saw the natives do different things and thought it unchristian to do it that way. It will be a change of prioritys but stop and think about all the stuff a things that can and will be reused for other things.
    Just think about coming across a abandoned neighborhood find a house with a wood stove or working fireplace surching you will find tools overgrown gardens,yards,trees,shurbs and if you see when you look then you can scavage up a living way of life and maybe some piece of mind. I hope that this helps someone to see that monster what happens survival is possible

    OldIron wishing you the best

  4. It is getting scarry, so much hate against the Right from the Left The NWO is pushing hard at Every chance they have, Rosie O’Donnall is opening her fat mouth to implement Marshal Law so the Liberal left can take over, the entire Left has gone Crazy. The Sheep are eating this Garbage up because they are so Ignorant of the facts of the real world.

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