The 8 most likely Disaster Scenarios Countdown: Number Seven (Chemical)

Hello, my friend and welcome back!  In today’s post, we’re going to take a look at scenario number Seven in the countdown, Chemical Attack.  We see this type of attack happen overseas from time to time, but it could just as easily happen here in the US.  Grab a cup of coffee my friend and have a seat while we visit.

There are all types of chemicals that could be used to attack unsuspecting countries, and in fact, many attempts have been attempted on the US in the past.  Fortunately, these have all been thwarted by our FBI and Homeland Defense.  The truth is that it could still happen and we, as Preppers, need to be ready to protect ourselves against such an attack.  Here is today’s scenario:

Mohammad flashed his bright white teeth, as he smiled at his flight instructor when he handed him his completed pilot’s license.   “Well you have done really well,” the instructor said, “Just remember what you have learned here and you should be fine.”  As the instructor turned to walk away, Mohammad thought to himself “Now, I can make my family proud and strike at the heart of the Great Satan!”

As Jean sat on the quiet little park bench, she couldn’t help but think what a beautiful day it was. It was a wonderful spring afternoon.  The relentless muddy snow had finally all melted away leaving the city and especially the park looking bright and clean.  Hearing a noise in the sky above her, she looked up to see a small plane leaving a bright white trail behind it as it flew. As she curiously watched, it began to form letters in the sky. “D…  I…  E…” were finally spelled out above her. As she watched and waited for the pilot to finish spelling out whatever it was he was writing in smoke, she noticed that the small plane turned and began to leave the area. “Someone has a sick sense of humor”, she thought as she glanced down at her watch. She suddenly realized that she was running late and quickly shoved the remains of her lunch into her bag and hurried off back to work.  Sitting at her desk, her eyes suddenly started to water as her nose began to burn slightly.  With Spring comes allergies she thought, as she reached into the top drawer of the desk for her allergy medicine.

Turning her attention to her work, she started on the paperwork she needed to complete.  After a few minutes, she began to notice people starting to run to the window and she could hear loud voices. “What the heck is going on she thought as she moved to join the crowd at the window. As she looked outside at the streets and sidewalk, she could see people lying on the ground kicking and convulsing. Some began to lay motionless as they appeared to die right where they lay.

Quickly her mind went back to the writing in the sky with the letters “DIE”.  Oh my God” she suddenly thought, “that plane was spraying something that’s killing people”.  An older man exited a building across the street, apparently to try to help those that had collapsed.  Moments later he began grabbing his throat as foam began to spew from his mouth. He too dropped to the ground and began convulsing, obviously another victim of whatever the small plane was spraying.  “Oh my God!” Jean thought to herself as the scene unfolded in front of her.  “What do I do now?”

Simply because this scene has never happened in the US does not mean it never will. Every day, hundreds of commercial and private planes pass over our heads and it would take very little for them to disburse any number of chemicals or nerve gas onto an unsuspecting population, leaving hundreds, if not thousands of dead, in their wake.

If you were caught in the same situation as Jean, what would you do?  You need to think about this scenario and how you can prepare for it.  Do you have an NBC gas mask, that is capable of protecting your eyes and lungs from such an attack?  Do you have a chemical protection suit and gloves to protect your body with?  Do you have enough food and water saved up, as well as cleaning agent for removing chemicals from things that may have been exposed to such an attack?  These are all things you need to consider while preparing and deciding what you need to have on hand.

I personally keep a gas mask and paper coveralls along with rubber gloves and duct tape n my trunk at all times because you never know when you may need them.  Being a Prepper is about being prepared for any emergency, so make sure you have what you may need to at least give you a fighting chance should a situation like the one above ever happen to you.

Read up and learn as much as you can about Chemical Attacks and what to do if you are ever exposed to one.  Just remember that it is up to you to save your own life and your family, in these types of situations.

Well, that’s it for today, and I hope you have enjoyed today’s post.  Until next time my friend, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


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  1. Sgt. Every time I read one of your blogs, it brings more enlightenment on the correct or better way to be / stay prepped for a sudden situation. I was brought up by a knowledgeable man, my Pop, who taught me many survival techniques as well as wilderness survival. He was in the Military as well as Law Enforcement, passing on vast amounts of firearm use, handling,proper use/safety, the importance of accuracy should the defensive situation arise in my day to day life. Ironically he passed away on my birthday which happens to be during the Memorial Weekend. I’d Like to Extend my appreciation & thanks & recognition To You, Pop, As Well As EVERY Vet., & Military person for their sacrifice & Devotion for my Freedom, Much Respect & Thanks, Sarge. God Bless America!

  2. great info sarge!! One thing MOST people miss about such things, is it doesn’t have to be a plane, tanker truck or even something large… the company I use to work for hired me as a EMT/HazMat Tech… we practiced such things as chemical “attacks”…by smashing the head of an insect killer down to where it keeps spraying and dumping it into a trash can indoors/inside a building, will get the job done just as well….a good many people will be affected and the air handlers will pick it up and spread it all over…TMI???

  3. Atropine Sulfate is carried on Advanced Life Support ambulances for cardiac patients, and for organophosphate poisoning. You might want to file that away for future reference.

  4. I have the hazmat suit, gloves and tape, but I’m not shaving my beard so the mask will fit properly. Some things are just asking too much.

    • Uncle George…use vacuum grease/Vaseline to coat your beard.. will work just fine w/out shaving off the facial hair

  5. Good morning Sarge. Interesting story but I suggest that a chemical attack as described is unlikely to be used. The reasons that I say that is due to the following:

    1, Chemicals are difficult to control and cumbersome to employ.

    2.Chemicals disbursed by air dissipate quickly by the wind.,

    3. They are nearly impossible to maintain over a selected area and fairly hard for an unsophisticated terrorist to acquire.

    4. And, while a mass weapon of destruction, they are best employed in closed areas such as subways, buildings, etc. If deployed by air, effective dispersal is better achieved by low flying aircraft that operate in a scenario where they enjoy a modicum of air superiority.

    IED’s, suitcase nuclear weapons, and other explosive type munitions, cause a much greater initial impact, maximize personnel and property destruction/damage and tend to be far easier of an unsophisticated fighter to employ.

    Just a thought, surely there are many more considerations regarding weapons of mass destruction.

    • CPTD D, Hello my friend, it’s good to hear from you again. The stories used in this series, serve one purpose and that is to make people think about what steps they may have taken to prepare thus far and to hopefully encourage them to be a little more prepared. While as you said, an open air Chemical attack on a civilian populace would be mostly ineffective, I just wanted to make people think. The stories are just a little more entertaining way of presenting a scenario I hope and nothing more. 🙂

      • Totally agree and understand the intent. To get people thinking has to be the basis of these posts. I simply wanted to add a few “Carl Opinions”.
        Keep up the good work, I really enjoy your posts.


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