The 8 most likely disaster Scenarios Countdown: Number Five (Nuclear Attack)

Hello, my friend and welcome back!  Today we’re going to look at number five in the countdown “Nuclear Attack”.  Depending on how you see the world, you may feel this one should be lower or higher on the list. However, when I look at the national news each day, I see the world that is leaning more and more toward the use of Nukes!  This is the subject of today’s post, so grab a cup of coffee and have a seat while we visit.

It seems every time I check the International News, North Korea is threatening to Nuke the US for one reason or the other. Then you have the Russian Bombers, which are continually prowling our coastline.  There is also ISIS, who would love to get their hands on a Tactical Nuclear Weapon to set off on American Soil.  Let us not forget about IRAN, as well, and their Nuclear ambitions. We need to remember the fact that they are the single largest supporter of terrorism in the World.

No matter how you stack it, the threat of Nuclear Attack is growing greater every day.  I know that there are those who say that no one would dare use nuclear weapons because they would be immediately wiped out by our Nukes.  Here’s the trouble with that belief, it assumes that we are dealing with normal sane individuals which in the case of North Korea and IRAN, as well as ISIS that is clearly not the case.  Oh sure, maybe China and possibly Russia may think twice, but they are a minority.  One Nuke, regardless where it comes from is enough to do quite a bit of damage, murder millions of people and plunge the world into World War III.

No, we are not safe from Nuclear Attack at all, and you better be ready for when it happens.  Here is today’s Scenario:

Just as any other day, ships were lined up at the docks waiting to unload their cargo.  Traffic was heavy today and all US ports busy moving ships in and out as usual.  Jean had decided to sleep in of this lazy Saturday morning in her house just outside New Orleans.  Making her way to the coffee pot and pouring herself a cup, she flipped the TV on and headed out to the patio to enjoy the morning.

As she watched the squirrels romp and play i her backyard she couldn’t’ help but think of the night before. She had visited Baton Rouge with her friends for a girls night out.  The food was great and the dancing at the bars made the night complete.  Hearing a noise above her, she could see a small plane streaking across the sky. I’ve never seen a plane like that before she thought. It was long and she couldn’t see any wings on it.   It was flying low and smoke was coming from the back of it.  I wonder if it’s having engine trouble she thought. Turning back to her morning coffee.

Suddenly a loud explosion could be heard coming from the west.  “Oh my God!” she screamed and jumped from her chair.  Did it crash she wondered as she turned to look in the direction the plane had gone? As she watched in horror, she could feel the ground rumble and the sky turn a bright red and then dark.  That was no ordinary plane she thought to herself as she hurried in to see if there was anything on TV about it.  Walking into the living room, she could see a red bar scrolling across the bottom of the screen.  It simply said “WARNING!” and kept repeating it over and over.  The newscaster on the screen was saying

“For those of you who have just now joined us., the US is under Nuclear attack!  A Cargo ship in the Boston Harbor has just fired a Nuclear missile of unknown origin, that has Struck Washington DC.  There have been no reports of how many people are dead, but it’s believed to be in the Millions. Other cities that have been attacked by ships in nearby ports include Los Angeles, Austin, Seattle, and now Baton Rouge Louisiana. A missile aimed at Atlanta Georgia apparently failed to detonate.  Martial Law has been declared and everyone is urged to stay in their homes until further notice!”

Turning off the TV, Jean began to cry, those poor people she thought with her hands on her face. Then a horrible thought crossed her mind, What if they hit New Orleans or the radiation reaches this far from Baton Rouge? “ Oh crap, what am I going to do?”, she thought and began pacing the floor.

Let me quickly say that you find these little stories more entertaining than plain scenarios.  My hope is to simply create one that will get you thinking about what you can do now rather than waiting till it’s too late.If the US were to be attacked with nuclear weapons, would you know what to do? Would you have the preps on hand to help stave off radiation poisoning?  Radiation poisoning is a slow painful death and one that no one ever wants to go through.

So what is the first thing that you need to do? First thing if you believe you could possibly be exposed to radiation is to grab a Gas Mask and your Potassium Iodide pills.  Take the pills as directed.  Next,  fill every container you have with water from the faucet before it becomes contaminated.Then you’re going to need a roll of vinyl plastic and Duct tape.  If you can, now would be the time to move underground. Otherwise, carefully seal off any place where air can get into your home.There will be some places where you can’t seal and that’s OK because you will need a little air to breath.  Wear the mask as much as possible in the beginning to reduce contamination. Next, scrub your body as much as possible to remove any contamination on your skin. Immediately get rid of the water you used for washing. Change your clothes and throw the ones you had on outside to reduce contamination.  Wear heavy clothing to reduce Beta particle from penetrating them.

If you think that you have been exposed to radiation then remember that time is the single most important thing.  The sooner you remove it from your body, the safer you will be.  Do not eat any food products that may have been exposed outdoors until the Government says it’s safe. Take the time now to read up on how to protect yourself from radiation and keep Potassium Iodide pills in your preps for just such an emergency.  Do this and you won’t find yourself wondering what to do like Jean.  Well, that’s it for today’s post and I hope you have found it interesting and educational.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


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