The 8 most likely disaster Scenarios Countdown: Number three (Civil War)

Hello, my friend and welcome back! Today we continue with our eight most likely Disaster Scenarios countdown.  Today we have scenario number three which is Civil War, so grab a cup of coffee my friend and have a seat my friend while we visit.

When you say Civil War, many people think of the war between the North and the South in days gone by. The one this post refers to is the war between the Left and the Right.  Both parties become more polarized with each passing day.  It’s only a matter of time till it reaches a breaking point and blood spills into the streets.  Some say it has already begun with the killing of our Law Enforcement Officers, and they may be right.  Here is just one small scenario where this might play out.

After a long day’s work as a Deputy Sheriff, Mike unlocked dirty wooden door to his small home, walked in and collapsed on the sofa . ” What the hell is wrong with people nowadays?, he wondered, leaning his head back and closing his eyes for a few minutes rest and to try to clear his mind of the day’s events. In his last twelve-hour shift, he had responded to fourteen calls for help, many of which were either family members fighting with other family members or neighbors against neighbors.  “Has everyone lost their damn mind?”

In the last month alone, his department had lost 2 officers to the violence that was now threatening to spill out into the streets.  “It feels like Civil War!” he thought as he reached for the remote and turned on his TV.  It immediately opened to the news channel.  The news reporter  was trying to cover a demonstration organized by Black Lives Matter and the new Liberal Communist Party which had been created by University Professors to push their Liberal agenda.  They were being backed by George Soros, as well as several high-ranking Liberal Politicians.  What made it even worse, was their shouts that all whites must die in retribution for the actions of their ancestors. What made it worse was that they had become recognized as a legitimate Political Party and were gaining momentum.

As Mike watched the scene unfold on TV, the white female reporter was trying to interview some of the demonstrators when a man casually walked up beside her, pulled out a pistol, stuck it to her head and pulled the trigger. The news quickly to the newsroom where the anchors sat dumbfounded, with their mouths agape. Quickly, however, the station began running advertisements while it regrouped.  Mike sat in stunned silence not believing what he had just witnessed.  As a Deputy Sheriff, he had seen people killed several times in his career, but never with such casual detachment.  “This is getting way out of hand!” he thought, as he walked to the fridge for a beer to help him try to relax.

Later as the TV anchors regained their composure, they resumed reporting on the ongoing violence.  The scene of the Reporter had been picked up by national news and played across the country.  Now there were major riots breaking out in every large city across the country.  TO make things even worse, US Veterans along with millions of conservatives across the nation had joined forces and were now directly confronting the demonstrators on the streets across the US.  The riots had turned into battle zones and the cities were all engulfed in all out war that pitted Race against race as well as religion and political parties against each other.  A Congressman now on TV saying that the Left had been marginalized for too long and the fighting in the streets would continue day and night until all of their demand were met.

It had become a Civil War and only time would tell how it would turn out.  “In Civil War, there are no winners.” Mike thought as his phone dinged indicating he had received a text. Looking down at it, he realized he was being called back to work to help handle the violence.  As Mike grabbed his riot gear and headed out the door, he was taken aback by the number of people standing in the road in front of his home.  Seeing him, they all began to shout “Death to all Pigs!!”  As Mike stood frozen in place his only thought was “I should have been prepared for this, it has been brewing for a while and I have done nothing to prepare!” but then, what could I have done?

Anyone who has been paying attention to current affairs here in the US, knows just how easily this Disaster Scenario could become real.  Having lost the Presidential election, many Liberals are becoming more and more violent as attacks continue on our Law Enforcement Officers.  The time to prepare for such a scenario is now, no matter how unlikely you may consider the threat.

As always, you will need the basics such as food, water, and medical supplies, but you will also need firearms and ammo to protect yourself should you need.  A scanner with the ability to receive your local police and medical emergency frequencies could make the difference between life and death.  A ham radio station setup that is able to receive both HF, VHF and UHF frequencies to let you know what is going on not only in your area but across the Nation, as well.  Take the time now to learn to defend yourself and always be aware of your surrounding.  Don’t wait until it’s too late to decide you need to prepare and take a chance of getting caught off guard.

Just remember, that the only person who can save you in a crisis like the one above is you.  Well, that is it for today’s post and I hope you have found it interesting, so until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


18 thoughts on “The 8 most likely disaster Scenarios Countdown: Number three (Civil War)”

  1. Sarge,
    I’ve BEEN saying that a “Civil War was going to break out any-day now!” It is PITIFUL that people of Our Nation, ‘doubt this will ever happen here.’ How Ni Eve can they be? I AM READY!!! I also am staying AWARE of True Events that are happening Daily, that go mostly unreported by these “news networks” which Only Report what they are Allowed! PEOPLE DON’T BE FOOLED BY “YOUR NEWS NETWORKS.” I DO Have COMMON SENSE About The Sh!t that’s going on In The World, Not Just In The U.S.A… GOD BLESS & PROTECT US ALL! “AIM Straight Sarge!” I’m With You On This!☺

  2. When thinking of a ‘civil war’ most people, as you stated, think of the north vs. the south, but how does one divide the country in this scenario? With the far left and liberals mainly based on the two coasts but some spattered throughout the heartland and other states. The polarization that the Obama administration, George Soros, the Clintons, BLM, the MSM and other top liberal and democratic officials have developed and created leaves little hope for the survival of our freedom and peace. We were on a one-way train wreck to Marxism and the Saul Alinsky radical effect. Something I’m sure your readers and followers would not want.
    Being prepared for economic failure and/or social unrest is the most likely of scenarios to smother us- with a possible N. Korea EMP hit coming in at a close second; either way,
    Fighting home-grown terrorism (in the charade of liberal baloney) has become a minute by minute breaking news event across the country. I almost despise turning on the TV for the news anymore, I refuse to read a newspaper and I am tired of the liberal media and pundits (there are no liberal journalists anymore) bashing Trump supporters.
    I live in Macomb County, Michigan (land of the Reagan Democrats) and I am fed up with the “do as I say, not as I do” liberal concept of life.
    I love America and what ‘she’ stands for and I will not falter and let Democrats, Hollywood, politicians and radical thinkers dominate my life.
    Sorry such a long response, but I get tired of half-baked liberals spewing hatred then blaming the conservatives.

    • Goldendawne, I’m right there with you! As to your question about how the nation might be divided geologically, I feel once it becomes obvious to everyone that Civil War has started, you will begin to see a mass migration to the West and forcing the Liberals to flee to the East coast as one possibility. The other would be that the conservatives take the middle of the country as well as the Texas and Louisiana gulf coast. Thus dividing the Liberals and forcing them to fight on two disconnected fronts. Only time will tell, but if you look at a map of Liberal strongholds, you will see that a large majority of liberals live in the East. The conservatives hold the middle of the country and most of the west. At any rate, that’s my take on it, and thanks for the comments. 🙂

  3. It ia horrific to realize what terrible conditions several centuries of so-called conservative white racism have caused.

  4. I hope it never happens, but anyone who wants to start a civil war based upon their opposition to the US Constitution is my enemy, foreign or domestic… Now and forever.

  5. Now here is a scenario I can sink my teeth into since, if you discount the rioting, I’ve BTDT myself.
    As a Cop with a take home vehicle, you do have the luxury of stepping out of your residence and being on-duty with the flip of the ignition switch. This is helpful in the sense you need not load or unload a patrol vehicle at the beginning and end of a shift and it saves gas and wear and tear on your POV, and it allows your department to put you to work the moment you check in on the radio, but it also makes you a HUGE target if the SHTF as in this fictional story.
    After all, any bad guys KNOW there is an LEO in the neighborhood, if they don’t know exactly WHERE you live with a patrol car sitting in the driveway. And, let’s face it, if you live alone and your unit is gone, it’s a pretty good chance nobody is home and making it a ripe opportunity for criminals to break in and steal your goodies.
    But enough of that for now and back to our intrepid Man in Blue.
    Getting to your vehicle if it is surrounded by people Hell bent on causing you injury or worse could be problematic. Maybe you won’t even be able to make it to the car and are forced to retreat to the relative safety (??) of your home.
    What do you do then? Call for assistance yourself? If YOU were called back to work after a normal (?) shift, chances are everybody else has been, too, and because of much larger problems that are already in progress and not some potential problem faced by an individual officer.
    What do you do? Get in your vehicle and speed off? Retreat to the house as I mentioned?
    If you leave I’ll bet your mind will be constantly worried about the security of the residence you just left and if it will be untouched by the time you get home. If you get home.
    Now add in having a family, wife and kids, to the equation. NOW what do you do?!?
    I’ll say this: I’m glad I no longer have to worry about such concerns like this any more and I don’t envy the neighbor LEO that does.
    But I will say this: I support our Men and Women who wear the badge and if I had one or more as a neighbor, they could count on my to help provide security for their home and/or family when they are called away to provide security in a bad area or situation.
    God Bless our Boys and Girls who wear the badge AND our Men and Women who serve our country in uniform.

    • Dan, you might not be as safe as you may think. Both of my boys live in Idaho and from what they tell me there are plenty of Liberals up there. The fact that it’s a conservative state could make it more of a target by Liberal groups wanting to make a statement. Of corse, I will be living in Idaho by this time next year, so I hope I’m wrong. 🙂

        • For as long as I can remember I’ve had this vision of living in the mountains of Idaho. I’m generally a private person, keep to myself and working harder every day to becoming more self-sufficient.
          But in the event of a political civil war, I highly doubt any place would be considered a safe haven. Hoping it never comes to such a travesty but if it does, life as we know it would be so different, perhaps hostile.

          • Everyone has to do their own thing, but I can’t imagine surviving one winter, even a mild winter in Idaho. Idaho only has three seasons, July, August, and winter. Wish you the very best but I’m staying in South Texas: Better to sweat than shiver. God bless.

    • I live in Idaho, too…the People’s Republik of Ada County. We won’t be spared. We’ll get the refugees from Oregon, Washington, Commiefornia, and Las Vegas. Idaho may be the Americans Redoubt, but don’t think for a second we’ll get away unscathed.

  6. Excellent post, Sarge. The likelihood of a significant bout of civil unrest increases with each day – it may well be a long, hot summer for us all. When social unrest starts, it will spread rapidly across our nation – especially in the larger cities, and the ability to stop it may be elusive at best. Prepping is the only answer for most of us.

    • CPT D- I agree this will be a long (hot) summer. Tempers will flare, people will be full of disdain and I picture ‘hot spots’ of protests turning into full blown riots, physical harm and more media outlets striving to give their personal opinions vs. true reporting (which riles people up more). Sad that our country has come to this


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