The 8 most likely Disaster Scenarios Countdown: Scenario number Four (Economic Collapse).

Hello, my friend and welcome back!  Today we have number Four in our 8 most likely Disaster Scenarios Countdown:  “Economic Collapse” is one of those Disaster Scenarios that we hear are imminent every day.  “The sky is falling, the sky is falling’”, yet it never really does.  The trouble with this is that it creates complacency and people began to ignore the threat.  In today’s post, we’re going to look at just what might happen.. if it does happen. Grab a cup of coffee my friend and have a seat while we visit.

One only has to look at Venezuela to see the devastating consequences of an Economic Collapse. In today’s post, let lay out this scenario to describe what has happened in Venezuela.

Tom woke to the dirty shack he had taken refuge in after the storm the night before.  It was nothing more than some old tin piled up with some old rags on the floor, but it kept him dry through the night.  His stomach growled with a bitter pang of hunger.  He’d had nothing to eat for several days now and his stomach was demanding that he feed it. The pains grew stronger with every passing hour and his strength grew weaker. As he looked around he couldn’t help but think back to where it all began.

The new President swore he would tumble the wealthy elite and redistribute the nation’s riches to all of the people of the country.  The trouble is that after he was elected, the elite packed up and left for other countries and taking with them the jobs which everyone depended on to survive. With no money to pay workers, businesses, that the people depended on to produce the food they needed, began to close.  Now there was no money, no jobs, and now way to survive.  When it first happened, people loved their pets and now, they were no more than a meal or two to keep them alive till they could find more food.  Cats and dogs were killed, along with any animal that could be consumed as food.

“I have to go”, Tom thought to himself, as he began to crawl out from under the tin that had sheltered him.  Tom began to rummage through the homes of the dead, who had already starved to death. He wasn’t looking for food though, but jewelry that he could trade to anyone with a boat to help him get to a different country.  Money was worthless now and things such as gold, silver, and diamonds were the only things of value left.  30 Million people had starved since it all began and forty million had already fled to other nations.  Canada and Mexico both had long since fenced off their borders in an effort to stem the flow of refugees into their country.

Tom was in deep thought, “If I had only known what was going to happen, I could have been ready and left this death trap long ago.  Now it may be too late, what could I have done, even if I knew it was going to get this bad?”

Many Americans could easily find themselves in the same position as Tom if they do not wake up to reality.  Just think back to the election when Bernie Sanders was running for President and was promising to give people everything free and to topple the elite and redistribute their money among the masses.   It sounds good, but it has no basis in reality.  This has been proven time and time again throughout history and it almost happened here in America in 2017.

So what can you do, how can you protect yourself from winding up in the same situation as Tom?  By starting now, by storing up food and precious metals as part of your preps.  When an economic collapse comes, all of the money you may have in your Bank could become worthless overnight, so don’t depend on it to save you.  The same goes for stocks and bonds.  They only thing that will still have a value that you could barter anywhere in the world is precious metals and gems.  Of course, they won’t do you any good in Toms situation simply because they are not edible.  They could, however, buy you passage to other countries where they are valuable.

Here is my point, plan for every scenario regardless of what you may think could happen.  At the very worst, they will increase in value each year and provide you with a nice nest egg or something you could pass on to your children for their time of need. No, the sky isn’t falling, but it’s always good to have an umbrella just in case.

Well, that is it for today’s post and I hope you have found it useful.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


2 thoughts on “The 8 most likely Disaster Scenarios Countdown: Scenario number Four (Economic Collapse).”

  1. Well done! Your latest post on EMP is actually a “two for one” scenario. This is because an effective nuclear EMP strike (multiple detonations that span the continental U.S., lower Canada and the northern third of Mexico) would also precipitate a complete economic collapse. So, #2 would automatically produce your #4.

  2. We had a slight taste of this in 2008-2009 recession/depression (depending on how you look at it and who is reporting the story). My grandparents lived through the Great Depression and came out stronger than I believe anyone could today. People now are consumers, that’s it. They want things on the ready. They are used to everything being at the swipe of a finger, on the store shelves and ready for consumption. The majority of the generations of today (millennials mainly) are a work less, get paid more group- coddled by mommy and have no clue what it is like to go without.
    I cook from scratch, have a garden and a greenhouse, grow my own food, have raised chickens, pigs and rabbits, I can every season and I have the mentality to reuse instead of buying again, buy used instead of buying new.
    I was devastated when the public schools dropped the home economics classes and life classes from my childrens’ high school. How many 16-25 year olds can make a meal (not in a plastic package called Ramen)? How many can change a flat tire without calling daddy for his roadside membership card number? How many can go without touching the screen on his or her cell phones every two seconds?

    An economic collapse would put a harsh reality into many people’s lives. No money for extras, barely enough for survival. Pantry and cupboards bare because no one knows how to plan ahead for tough times.
    We keep cash on hand for emergencies. Not that I don’t trust the banks (but I really don’t) and prefer to keep my money with me.
    Could an economic collapse come? Sure it could. And everyday I prepare and plan a new way to save money and sock it away. I become more and more self sufficient and hope one day to be off-grid and self-reliant.


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