The 8 most likely disaster Scenarios Countdown: Scenario number two (EMP Attack).

Hello, my friend and welcome back! Today we are going t look at countdown scenario number two, Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) attack and what we can expect from this disaster and what we can do now to prepare for it.  Grab yourself a cup of coffee my friend and have a seat while we visit.

So what exactly is an EMP?  An EMP is a Nuclear Bomb which is set off about 300 miles above the area of the target.  The blast causes the Earth’s Magnetosphere to compress and then rebound, thus causing electric current to be induced in the Earth’s surface. Because of the properties of a certain material, a voltage can be created in items such as Wires, Antennas and many other things.  This voltage is very high and can be many thousands of volts.  The effects on Microprocessors and in fact any electrical device can be devastating.  The trouble is that our world of today is run by microprocessors. They are everywhere including your car and without it, your car would not run.  Here is today’s scenario:

Jane woke up as the morning sun was shining through the windows and into her face.  Slowly she put her arms over her head and stretched her aching muscles.  Stopping as it occurred to her that the sun shouldn’t be up at 5 AM.  Turning to look at her new alarm clock her heart sank as the front panel was blank, not lights on it at all were lit up.  “Oh crap!” she screamed ,as she jumped out of bed.  She had only started this job 3 weeks ago and now she was going to be late. It’s a brand new alarm! She muttered to herself as she headed for the bathroom to get dressed for work.  Feeling around in the dark bathroom for the light switch she found it and flipped it up, but nothing happened. She began flipping it back and forth several times to no avail.  “Great, my power’s out and I know I paid my bill”!

Grabbing what she needed in the dark, she moved into the bedroom and began slowly getting dressed. “What was that smell? she wondered as she looked around the room.  It smelled like smoke, but where was it coming from?  As she wandered around the room sniffing the air for traces of the odor, she heard a commotion coming from outside her window, moving to it she looked outside to see black smoke billowing from the transformer outside her home.  People gathered nearby watching as it continued to burn. “Well, I guess I’m not the only one that’ll be late this morning” she muttered to herself.  Grabbing a bagel from her kitchen counter, along with her car keys she hurried out the door.

Opening the door on her new Honda Civic, she quickly shoved the key in the ignition and turned it.  Nothing at all, no click could be heard, so she tried several more times before banging her head on the steering wheel. “I just can’t catch a break!? she moaned.  When she was hired at her new job, they made it very clear that being late for work would not be tolerated, in fact, that is why they had let the girl before her go.  “CRAP!” she screamed as she kicked her car door open and pulled the  hood latch while getting out.  Reaching under and releasing the hood catch, she raised the hood. Looking over the engine, she could see nothing out-of-place. Closing the hood again, she moved back inside the car and once more turned the key.  Still Nothing.  Reaching over, she grabbed her purse and went to her backyard to retrieve her rusty bike. As she headed out her driveway, she couldn’t help but notice all of the people with the hood up on their cars and walking around while waving their cell phone in the air trying to get a signal.  “The whole world has gone mad!” she thought to herself as she continued peddling the rusted bike.  As she reached the exit for the highway, she suddenly stopped and stood there just looking.  There were cars sitting in the road and on the shoulder with their hoods up.  Looking around, it suddenly hit her that there were no cars moving anywhere.

Suddenly she was knocked to the hard pavement skinning her elbow as she fell.  Looking back she saw a large man grabbing her bike and trying to get on it, while he yelled back “I need this more than you do!”  Feeling dazed, she just laid there trying to make sense of it all.  Picking herself up and feeling defeated, she began walking back to her home.  As she walked, she kept thinking about everything that was happening and trying to make some kind of sense of it.

As she walked past the corner Stop-N-Shop, she decided to go in and grab a cup of coffee, her favorite, Vanilla and Caramel with lots of sugar.  As she entered, the elderly man behind the counter looked at her and said: “CASH ONLY!”  Acknowledging that she understood, she continued to the coffee dispenser, grabbing a cup and holding it against the dispensing bar, nothing happened. “No Coffee either, the power is out!”  Suddenly a man with a ski mask on his face burst through the door. “Give me all of the money” he demanded while pointing a sawed-off shotgun and the man behind the counter.  No problem the teller replied as he opened the drawer and began quickly removing the money.  Once the teller handed it to him, the man quickly grabbed it and ran out the door.

After returning home, Jane couldn’t help but wonder how long this outage was going to last? Opening her pantry and finding one half full box of Life Cereal, and one jar of peanut butter, her spirits dropped..  “Man am I screwed” she thought.  “How could I have let myself get into this situation?” she thought. ” How do you prepare for something like this?’ she asked to no one as she surveyed the world around her.

An EMP attack is one of the most deadly attacks that we could sustain. In fact, the Federal Government did research on just what would happen if the US was hit by an EMP 300 miles over Kansas City.  The results were so frightening that many people didn’t want them released.  It estimated a death toll of 85 to 90 percent of the US population.  This death toll would be caused by  Violence from the collapse of Societies, Disease, and Starvation.  This is truly one of the most frightening scenarios out there.  Imagine waking up one morning and suddenly finding out anything that uses electricity no longer works?  What would you do?

Again, the time to prepare for this scenario is now, not after it happens.  First things first, take the time now to research the effects of an EMP and how it would affect the world around you.  Build a simple Faraday cage and store backup electronic devices in it to protect them from the effects of the pulse.  You need to have at least a year’s supply of Food, Water,(or filters), and Medical supplies available in a location where you can get to it if t does.  You will need firearms and ammunition as well because you will only truly have is what you can keep other from taking.

While I know that this sound like something out of a science fiction movie, I can assure it is very real and very dangerous. In fact, if you are wondering why this one is so high on my list, it’s because North Korea has launched two satellites into space, that pass right over Kansas City every couple of days and are the size of a washing machine.  The same size as an EMP bomb, what’s more, it isn’t transmitting any signals to earth like all other weather Satellites do,  In fact, it acts like it’s waiting for a signal from Earth to do something.  These are just two of the object launched into space by countries who are not happy with the US for one thing or the other.  Any of them could turn out to be an EMP device and hit us hard and without warning.

It will be hard enough when it hits, even if you are prepared, but if not, you will become one of the “walking dead”  looking for food while you slowly starve to death.  In my mind, this is the worst of all possible scenarios and sadly one of the most likely.  It can be deployed in such a way that no one could tell who did it. Because it’s 300 miles above the earth, it will not damage the land or buildings.  All they would need to do is sit back and wait for us to kill each other and then move in with their troops and take control.  Be ready by having solar panels and charged batteries stored in a Faraday cage, as well as other ways to generate electricity.  Prepare now because when it happens, it will be too late.

Russia, China, North Korea and Iran are just waiting for their chance to seize our land and destroy our country and you never know when they will strike.

Well, that is it for today and I hope you have enjoyed this post.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


7 thoughts on “The 8 most likely disaster Scenarios Countdown: Scenario number two (EMP Attack).”

  1. Just hang out with the Amish a bit. They live without lots of the things that will be knocked out. Windmills, propane, harvest by horses…it would be OK in the end.

  2. For those who think that farmers will be able to continue producing food crops to sustain the population after an EMP, think again. Most harvesting equipment will follow the same fate as cars and trucks. There will be no fuel to operate them because refineries and the distribution systems will be down. Farmers will not be able to purchase next year’s seed and there will be no fertilizer or operating well pumps. Crops that are ready for harvesting will rot in the field because there will be no means to transport them to food processing and distribution centers.

    I’m waiting to see your #1 disaster scenario, but my vote is that the risk of EMP should top your list.

    • Farmers/farming will be at a stand still definitely. Unless they have a teams of oxen to plow the fields (as the Amish and 19th century farmers did), nothing will grow, be harvested or transported.
      We’d all be in a world of hurt.

    • thank you for the link. Aside from having an older vehicle (pre-electronic and computerized) there’s not too much that a person can do- but I will check it out.

  3. I agree- these four countries (Russia, China, North Korea and Iran) are the highest of our adversaries and with N. Korea testing missiles as of late, it does have many people and preppers on high alert waiting to see what happens.
    Faraday boxes can help small electronics survive, but unless you make you home and garage an over-sized FB- kiss all those modern conveniences a fond farewell.
    Life would be on standstill. Businesses would close. Stores’ shelves would be empty in the matter of days. Death and destruction would prevail.
    No water or waste management systems. No fresh food. No electricity. Nothing. It would be a time-travel back to the 19th century. And who is prepared for that? Not the general population. Most would perish. Sad but true.


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