A False Flag is coming!

A False Flag is coming!  The Government is working way too hard to make us believe a certain narrative they are creating.  I recently read an article in the news about a bomb that was made out of a pressure cooker and found in a car in Washington DC near a music event.  What struck me odd about the incident was that they never actually said it was a live bomb, but rather implied that it was.  They also made a big deal about the fact that they blew it up in a safe place.  They made it sound as though some clandestine group had planted it with the hopes of injuring a lot of Americans.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not naïve and I am sure there are a lot of people out there that would do something like this.  I guess what really bothered me was the fact that some very important details were left very vague.  You see, when details are vague, people have a tendency to fill in the details based on their own prejudices while at the same time being open to other interpretation of the same event that fit their narrative.  This can be very useful when creating a false flag event, because it allows the Government to imply that latter events are connected by letting the masses fill in the blanks.

Another article I read a few days later was about how there are so many ISIS supporters in the U.S. that the Government is having a difficult time tracking them. What’s even more disturbing is they are saying that they “Believe” that these people are planning attacks on our Military and National Celebrations (I.e. 4th of July, etc. ). It only makes sense that they would create a False Flag on the day we celebrate our National Independence.  You see, if a tragic attack were to take place on that day then the majority of American citizens would gladly blame anyone the White house told them was responsible….even Patriots and Christians.  Now I only use those two groups because I believe they represent the 2 groups that President Obama hates the most.   Let’s hope that is not the case, but it would give them the leverage they would need to take away even more of our Rights and Liberties in the name of “keeping us safe”.   Or worse yet, declare a never ending state of Martial Law that would take away all of our rights.

As anyone who knows me will tell you, one of my biggest concerns is that President Obama may have no intention of ever leaving the Whitehouse.  All he would need to do is to create enough civil unrest to declare Martial Law and he would have full control of the Government and the nation.  When Martial Law is declared, the constitution and all of our rights are suspended and Congress can do nothing about it but watch in horror as he does what he wants.  The first thing he would do is in act gun confiscation because he can’t have people killing off his Military.  And yes, it would be his Military because since he has taken office, he has systematically removed anyone from Captain or above that is loyal to the Constitution.  So, you can forget about the Military stepping in to save us because failure to follow orders would be dealt with harshly ( probably death ). The honorable men and women serving in our Military would quickly become as helpless as the rest of the American People under Obama’s rule.

I sincerely hope I am wrong about this, but President Obama has done nothing to make me believe that he is in any way an honorable man or has the best interest of America at heart.  He has however done many things that make me believe that he would stop at nothing to destroy this great nation of ours.  From our open borders to in sighting the riots in Baltimore and New York, to failing to stop ISIS; he has failed the American People time and time again.  There is False Flag coming and we need to keep prepping and preparing for the worst while praying for the best!  May God bless America in these dark times once again.


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