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It all started with a PFAK Review…

Hello, my friend and welcome back! I apologize for my absence, but I hope you will find it worth the wait. You see, it all started with a review that I was doing on a Personal First Aid Kit. The people at MyMedic.com sent me one of their’s to review. Now, grab a cup of … Read more

Welcome, New Preppers!

Hello, my friend and welcome back! With everything that is going on in the world today, many people who never took the idea of prepping seriously, have realized the importance of it. If you’re new to prepping, then let me be the first to welcome you. Today, I want to introduce you to what it … Read more

The world has changed forever…

Hello, my friends, and welcome back! Unless you have been living under a rock, then you know our world has changed. The question is, what does this mean for Preppers? Well, grab a cup of coffee my friend, and have a seat while we visit and discuss it. Covid-19 (The China Virus) has touched the … Read more

Lessons From The Sun, Part 2

Hello, my friend and welcome to Lessons From The Sun, part 2. With so many near misses of Carrington Event sized Coronal Mass Ejections(CME) in the past years, it only makes sense to prepare for them as well as other natural disasters. Today we are going to discuss what you can do to protect yourself … Read more

Lessons From The Sun! Part 1

Hello, my friend and welcome back! In light of recent events, we have many new Preppers looking for information. In order to properly prepare for whatever might come your way, you need to be aware of all of the different scenarios that could happen. Today, we are going to discuss one that you might not … Read more