How To Heat A House Without Electricity Or Gas (Alternative Heating)

None of us realize how dependent we are on electricity and gas until we don’t have it. Experiencing a total power outage can be a scary and overwhelming experience which can have dangerous consequences.  Knowing how to heat your house effectively without electricity or gas has numerous advantages. It’s not just in an emergency situation … Read more

How To Wear A Shemagh Around Your Neck & Utilise It For Survival

If you’re a survivalist or spend a lot of time outdoors on expeditions, you have probably encountered the shemagh. Previously largely used in Middle Eastern countries, this simple type of cloth has since become popular with military, special forces and everyday civilians from across the world.  Knowing how to use a shemagh and the right … Read more

10 Of The Best Survival Shows On Netflix (2022 Movie & Series List)

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