Time is short, prepare now while you still can!

Hello my friend and welcome back!  I’m worried and I believe time is short, you need to prepare now while you still can!  Every day I watch the news from several news outlets including some of the off grid news sources.  What I have been seeing has me concerned and that is the topic of today’s post so grab a cup of coffee and have a seat while we discuss it.

If you have been following my post, then you know that I have been concerned for a while now, so what has me so concerned now?  I honestly no longer believe that Obama expects to ever leave office.  I know that your first response will probably be “That’s just crazy”, but hear me out, then decide for yourself.

I have been following a string of seemingly unrelated items that taken by themselves seem fairly harmless and normal for the times.  I now believe that time is short and we need to finish collecting our preps while we still can.  Here is why I believe this:

  • Obama has repeatedly spoken of staying in office for a third term even though the US Constitution forbids it. Of course he has already demonstrated that he will only follow the laws that he wants and has often referred to the US Constitution as an outdated document which needs to be replaced.  While this is nothing new,  this is still cause for concern.
  • Then there are the Presidential orders that give the President the ability to declare Martial Law at will. OK, maybe not at will, but certainly with little reason to do so.  All he needs is some small reason and he can declare it.  At that point, the US Constitution is suspended and he becomes the sole dictator of America.  Yes, I have heard the arguments put forth by some people who Marshal law requires the approval of the US Senate and that was true at one time, but no longer.  Congress has slowly handed over more and more power to the President until they would now be powerless to stop him.
  • Obama has been replacing high-ranking Military officers with people of his own choosing. Some say it is because he is paranoid that they will turn against him and for good reason. If he indeed plans to take over the US Government and remain in power as long as he can, then yes, he needs to have them on his side when the time comes.  While there are those who will honor their Oath, many other will not.  Then the question becomes will he have enough people to take on the entire Nation?  The answer is no.  That is where the U.N. comes in.  He has already developed a plan with the United Nations to have them send in UN troops to help him regain control and part of this plan, which is well documented, states that it will require a new Bill of Rights that must also be approved by the United Nations.  You can bet your sweet ass it will not include one that allows Americans to keep and bear arms.  I also would bet that it allows Obama to stay in power for as long as he wants.

Now granted, this is all circumstantial evidence and nothing that others haven’t pointed out in the past.  So what makes me so sure that it is really going to happen now?  It is a dinner party at the White House the other night in which Obama stood up and made jokes about Hillary Clinton just as he does to other people that he considers a threat.  Why is this so important?  Because he sees Hillary as a threat to his plans to take over.  If not then why would he not be supporting his party’s best chance of keeping control of the White House?  It is like he no longer feels he needs their support and thus sees them as a threat.   This can only mean one thing… he has no plans to leave office.

OK, so what is he going to use for an excuse to declare Martial law?  Civil Unrest!  Ever since the day he took office, he has done everything in his power to divide the American people.  He has actually encouraged it at every opportunity.   He and his administration has worked to turn the people against the police to encourage more unrest as well as using the BLM and the LGBT movements to divide us.  I guess that just wasn’t happening fast enough for him so he began to bring the Syrian “Refugees” to divide us further yet.  They have helped front the demonstrations at Trump rallies in the hope they would become violent and encourage more civil unrest.

The writing is on the wall and time is short.  If you haven’t finished or at least have what you need to survive for a year, this is the time to do it.  With Martial law comes gun confiscation and you can bet they will enforce it so hide your weapons and prepare to fight.  God knows that I hope I am wrong about this, but I just don’t believe I am.  May God help us if I am right!  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong, and stay prepared!  God Bless America!


-The Sargent-

4 thoughts on “Time is short, prepare now while you still can!”

  1. Sarge, America is preparing at an accelerated rate. If you haven’t also noted gun background checks are at an all time high. People are buying survival gear to prepare for a verity of threats. Ammo is flying off the shelves as well as food. Check it out in your local food store. As well as people growing victory gardens and alternative energy. The thing that has me worried is the government is making collecting rain water and being self sufficient illegal. Why would they do this unless they intend to control people using food,water and energy as a weapon. Just my .02!!! Note it is unconstitutional for them to do this and our duty to resist. Dig in and lock and load my brother.

  2. Sargent, I believe you are perty close to hitting the nail on the head. I believe it will happen before the elections because the Elite can`t afford to let Trump take office as it will ruin their plans of taking over. The Elite does`nt care who runs the country as long as they can controll them and with Trump they can`t. Obama is doing just what they want . The Elite`s time is getting shorter all the time in which to take over so they are speeding it up. I am going to say this and you may think I am crazy. This is the generation in which our lord JESUS returns. One minister says 2019, I don`t think it will go past 2021. Nobody knows for sure as everything is speeding up just like the Bible says it would. If they put in marshal
    law and people don`t stand up against it to save our country, than we are just as guilty as they are and will be thown into the Lake of Fire with them.


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