Black Echo Re-broadcaster Project

Black Echo Re-broadcaster Project is something that all Preppers should be aware of and possibly involved in.  It is a project created by AmRRON ( American Redoubt  Radio Operators Network).  AmRRON is a network of Preppers, Patriots and Redoubters who have volunteered to keep each other connected when other means of communications are unavailable or unreliable.  They have built a network of over 2000 Ham Radio and CB Radio enthusiast that work together to provide as many people with information as possible in a SHTF situation.   If you are one of these then you may want to look into it further, however, if you are not a licensed operator, you can still participate as a member of the Black Echo Re-broadcaster Project.  Don’t let the name fool you, it’s nothing nefarious.

The concept behind Black Echo is simple.  In an emergency situation or SHTF situation, you may find yourself in a situation where you may need to get information out to your neighbors or community without going door to door if all other communications are out.  In an SHTF situation, the local radio stations will probably be taken off the air to prevent people from knowing what is going on.  This is when the Black Echo Re-broadcaster Project comes into play by allowing you to broadcast  over regular FM radio station frequencies from your own home or buggout location.  It’s simple and inexpensive to do.  You can also do it legally now and share your music or community updates.

In a SHTF situation, people will be turning the dials on their radios trying to find any information they can.  You can be the hero by spreading the information you have and receive from others,  All you need is a low power AM or FM Transmitter that can be purchased on for about $60 dollars and can run on 12 volts.  These usually have an output power of  1/10 of a watt to 50 or more depending on the model you get.  The rule of thumb on this is to get one with the highest output power you can that runs on 12 volts.  Then you can use it on the lower power setting when things are good and be legal, but when SHTF hits, you can crank the power up and transmit to surrounding area with ease.  There is a case of these where using just 7 watts of power they were able to be heard 12 miles away.  It could also be used to send out a warning to the other members of your group to sound a warning when something happens or is about to happen.

You can use any type of audio device to connect to it such as a your computer, an iPod, or even a headset with microphone.  Then just decide on a frequency and have your friends leave an FM radio on tuned to that frequency at all times in their home.  You can then use it to announce meeting reminders and such in the mean time.  It’s a great way to communicate and get the word out to others.   According to FCC rules you should only be able to hear the radio signal for about 200 feet from the source, but how often do you visit a house for sale and fond that you can still hear the radio sales pitch several blocks away, it is small time and the FCC really doesn’t care about it, and in a SHTF situation, they will not be knocking on your door with a cease and desist order.  anyway you look at it, it is a great way to get the word out.

With AmRRON’s  Black Echo Re-broadcaster Project, they pair up non-licensed operators with Licensed Ham radio operators or CB Operators to try to reach as many people as possible with information in an Emergency or SHTF situation.  It’s a really great project and you should really learn more about it.  You can find the information HERE.  In summary, the AmRRON Black Echo Re-broadcaster Project is a great low cost way to help your self and your neighbors in an emergency.  You never know when it just might save someone’s life.  Until next time, Keep On Prepping!

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