Bugging out on a bike!

Bugging out on a bike!  I was remembering the other day about the times back when I was a young boy in east Texas.  Walking down the sandy dirt roads listening to the neighbors chickens crowing, ducks quacking, and cows mooing.  Yep, those were good times, but for some reason, I just didn’t realize it.  You see, to me back then walking everywhere I went just seemed hard and unfair.   Now flash forward to SHTF with no electricity and no fuel.  How would I get around once I ran out of gas?  Not something I like to think about, but something I need to address.  Now let me say up front that I am 60 years old and overweight, so walking for 20 miles is not an option.  How then could I get around?   My first thought was a bicycle.  That might work as long as I don’t have a lot of things to carry like all of my preps.

I enjoyed riding when I was young and maybe I would again if I had to.  The next question is how to move my preps if the need arose to use a bicycle?  In some of the Prepper fiction books I have read, they used a child trailer.  You know, one of those little trailers you pull behind your bicycle to carry small children in.  If I had 100 pounds of supplies or less to carry, that might work, but what if I had more?

Are there any other options?  Not surprisingly, when I searched Google for “Bike Cargo Trailers” I found some really great ideas for homemade bike trailers.  Some of these are pretty smart and could probably be used to carry a couple of hundred pounds of supplies provided there are no hills on your route.  If there were, you may need some help getting it up the hills.    I’m going to post a few pics of some of the ones I found interesting below.

Now, before you start, yes, I know that you could use a horse or 4 wheeler but I am assuming there is no gas available at all in this scenario and not everyone has the option of keeping a horse in their back yard.  What I am hoping to do here is to give you some ideas for a backup plan.  Hopefully something that might save your life should you need it.  I’m sure  that a little research on the web would reveal places on-line that sell these types of trailers.  It may be something you want to look into.  I know that I always sleep better at night knowing I have a plan “B” in place.

You see, since we do not know what will cause SHTF for sure, we need to prepare for all contingencies no matter what they might be.  Having a plan “B” or even “C”, “D” or even “E” in place only makes good sense.   It would take little effort to build or buy a bicycle trailer and get an old Bicycle to keep handy just in case.   It is just one more way to prepare for whatever lies ahead in the future.   I just hope that this will give you some food for thought and maybe spark a few new ideas.  There is always a way through the darkness you just have to look for it.  Until next time, keep on prepping!

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