Build your alliances now!


Build your alliances now!  Do not wait until your back is against the wall to decide that you need to have others with you.  I know people say that you need to see how people act in an emergency situation before you add them to your list of alliances. To that I say hog wash!  That idea is based on the assumption that things will stay the same until then.  I however do not believe that will be the case.  Things are changing every day and not for the better.  The first amendment that guarantees each of us the right to free speech is in danger of going away.  Without the ability to speak your mind, as well as being able to hear what others have to say, how will you ever be able to know who to trust?  It is important to know who feels the same way and are of like mind.  If you try to wait until SHTF, people will be very distrustful of you and everyone else around them.  For this reason, we must form our alliances now rather than later.

I recently read an article that France is moving to make conspiracy theories illegal.  The trouble with that is that many of the theories are based on unproven facts that the Governments do not want known.  Which begs the question; who gets to decide what is conspiracy and what isn’t?  I would be willing to bet that it is the French Government that will decide.  That should scare the heck out of every red blooded American.  You know as well as I do that if they do it in France, then it won’t be long before the idiots in Washington try to ram it down the throats of the American people in the name of National Security.  They are just looking for ways to stem the flow of information about their illegal activities.

I know that some people have this romantic notion of becoming a lone wolf, but in reality that just won’t hold up.  You can’t stay up 24 hrs. a day and you will need someone to help watch your back.  The more members you have to your group, the better off you will be.  You will need people to help pull watch as well as help work the gardens for food.  Who is going to watch your camp while you hunt or care for you when you are sick?  These are things you need to think about now rather than later.  Lone wolfs will die off very quickly after SHTF simply because one or two people cannot cover everything that needs to be covered with any amount of effectiveness.  Build your group now, not later.

Something else that needs to be considered is mobility. How will you get around to locate people of like mind after Marshal Law has been declared and travel is forbidden?   At that point it is too late.  We need to build our alliances now and learn to work together before it is too late.  By training and working together now and sharing ideas on how best to survive under many different scenarios, we can become stronger and more prepared for the Darkness that lies ahead.  Make no mistake about it, it is coming and sooner than any of us would like.   Start building your alliances now by locating those of like mind and attitude.  It’s the only that you will even have a hope of surviving long term.

I know that when I first got started in prepping, I had a real hard time finding others that thought like I did.  I mean it’s not like people walk around with signs that say that they are preppers.  I finally decided that it might be a little like fishing, so I set out to see if I was right.  It was winter, so I went to the Military Surplus and purchase a coat with Velcro on it.  Next, I got on line and ordered some 3%er patches from and put them on the coat along with a “Don’t tread on me” patch.  I wore around town and to gun shows as well as to the local Amateur Radio Club.  Others would see the patch and realize that I was of like mind and walk up and talk to me.  These conversations were the beginning of many friendships.  The great thing was that it allowed me to filter out the people I was not comfortable with by simply saying it was an old coat that I bought at the Salvation Army because I thought it was cool and had no idea what a Three Percenter was.  This was usually enough to discourage them.  I have sense made many friends with the coat and even though winter is over, I still ware the Three Percenter patch on my cap.  Since that time, my list of alliances as well as friends has grown.

One way to help determine if they are a real prepper is to ask them about their “Prepping Hobby”, if they correct you and say that it a “Life style” not a “Hobby”, then it is a safe assumption that that are true preppers, or at least they may be on the right road to becoming one.  You should also be aware of personality clashes when looking for looking for alliances with others.  These can be devastating to your group and lead to more trouble down the road.  I guess the point I am trying to make here is that there are many obstacles to building alliances and waiting to the last minute could be deadly.  You need time to sort out what group of people your work best with and develop long lasting relationships with them as well.

Now get out there and start making friends and building alliances while you still can.  Just that the lives of you and your loved ones will depend on what you do now.  Until next time, Happy Prepping and God Bless!

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