Building a Mobile Command Unit!

I have been doing a lot of reading lately about “Mobile Command Units” and have learned a  lot about them.  In today’s post, we are going to explore exactly what a MCU is and what you need in one as well as how they can be used in a SHTF situation.  I think these are important for Preppers to know about so set back grab a cup of coffee and let’s chat.

OK, so what exactly is an MCU?  Mobile Command Units are portable communications and tactical command setups that are usually mounted in an enclosed trailer or RV.  Very few are built into RVs though.  The reason for this is that you want your MCU to be as inconspicuous as possible and not appear to be being used for anything.  They usually house a workspace with several radios and maps for locating and tracking enemy movements.  They also work as a central point of communications for your group where one person can coordinate with all of the other members of your team for special activities.  This could be tracking enemy movements, locating materials during scavenging trips, or even getting medical information to team members in the field that are in need.  There uses are many and they could to be worth their weight in gold when you need them.  If you plan to leave your Bug out location for any reason after SHTF hits, then having one of these could mean the difference between life and death.  The more people you have in your group, the more you will likely need to have one.

Let’s look at a few scenarios and how an MCU could be used:

Scenario one:  Your bug out location is constantly being attacked by roving Gangs and you have decided to go on the offensive and wipe out the group that has been attacking you.  The only issue is that they are located 20 miles or more away.  You could just travel on foot and carry a light load of supplies and ammunition with you, or you could bring an MCU with you and use it to also carry extra supplies that you might need as well as providing a warm dry place to sleep at night.  Using the maps and radios you could then plan out your attack and coordinate it using hand held radios and a base station in the MCU for your operations.  With one person keeping track of where everyone is in the process and relaying information to the rest of your team, you would be less likely to be caught off guard or fall victim to friendly fire.  In the event that something unexpected happens, it would be easier to regroup and counter it with one person concentrating on what is going on and not firing a weapon.  I think you can see where I am going with this and can see the value of it as well.  Militaries everywhere have use MCUs of one kind or another for thousands of years and they have proven their worth.  Remember that having the right information at the right time can mean the difference between willing and losing the battle.

Scenario Two:   You and your group have been forced to leave your bug out location for one reason or the other and are traveling to a new location along unfamiliar roads.  Having a group in front and in back of your convoy could give you early warning of a pending attack and give you a chance to rally your group to address the situation.  If you need to backtrack then it would be nice to have someone who is constantly aware of your location and always looking for alternate routes.  This means you do not have to spend time looking for one when you could be attacked at any minute.  Any way you look at it, an MCU is essential anytime you are forced to leave your bug out location.  Even if you and your group just go into town to do some bartering, having an MCU setup just outside of town to constantly be monitoring all comms is an essential part of situational awareness as they are listening to all communications and not focusing on getting the best deal in a barter situation.    If one member of your team gets in trouble, they can make sure that every member of your team is aware of it and are routed to assist them.

Any way you look at it an MCU is a good idea and every team should have one.  They can easily be made from an old enclosed trailer by adding Batteries and radios as well as a work space and maps.  Other things that could be added are Maps and storage bens for additional supplies.  You could also add a cot that could be opened up for transporting a hurt member of your team.  By adding medical supplies, you could be sure to have a clean environment for treating injuries as well.  Yes, an MCU is well worth the small investment of time and money they take to create them and if you don’t have one, you may want to consider building one.  Well that is it for today, and I hope you have learned something new in the process.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and keep on prepping!

-The Sargent-

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  1. That is a great idea. I am using a 5 ton military truck. It kinda sticks out, but can hide in the woods or push things out of the way. Go anywhere to.


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