Call to action: boycotting the NFL until all players stand for the National Anthem!

Hello, my friend and welcome back!  I have to tell you that I am absolutely livid over the NFL players disrespecting our National Anthem.  I try to stay away for things like this, but this one is so horribly wrong that I must speak out.  Grab a cup of coffee, my friend, while we visit.

Every time I see an NFL player or coach take a knee during the National Anthem, I just want to throttle them.  Instead, I turn off my TV and refuse to buy any products that use the NFL in their advertising.  So many men and women have fought and endured such miserable hardships to defend our great nation and to me, taking a knee or setting down during the National Anthem is like spitting in their faces and on their graves.

A sporting event is no place to address your grievances with your country.  If you don’t like it then just leave.  I think they should all be forced to leave the country for doing it anyway.  The hypocrisy of it is staggering!  They make millions of dollars a year by playing a game in the greatest Nation in the world and they want to disrespect our great country that so many have fought to protect.  The sad part is that the coaches are doing it as well.

President Trump is absolutely right.  Fire their sorry asses and then they will have something to complain about.  Every time they do it, young children see it and think that their country must be crap because their hero athlete takes a knee.  These are impressionable children and young adults.  Do they have a right to their own opinion, absolutely, but sporting events are not the place to do it!

This bunch of bugger eaters needs to be held accountable for their actions and what they are doing to our country.  You have to remember that these are the same idiots that put Obama in office and let him stay for two terms while he worked to destroy America!  Where was the outrage when he was in office?  No, they lost the election, and they can’t stand it.  They are like spoiled little children, they are throwing a tantrum and stomping their feet.  This shit must come to an end!  Do your protesting on your own time!

Write your Governor, Congressmen, and Senators and tell them this must end and we will hold them accountable for their lack of action when election time comes around. See which products support the NFL and write them and let them know you will no longer buy their products as long as the NFL allows it to keep happening.  Hit them where it hurts the most, in their pocketbook!

If you or someone you know continues to watch the NFL games, then you or them are just as guilty as the players are.  You are supporting NFL players total disrespect of our great Nation.  Tell your friends and do everything you can to stop the people who allow and facilitate this ongoing disrespect.  It must be stopped!

Now, do I think there is not something wrong with our Government?  Yes, but there is a difference between our government and our Nation.  I will never stop fighting for my country no matter how old I get, because it is worth fighting for.  I hope the American people rise up and put an end to this, but until then I will continue to fight to protect it.

Well, that’s it for today and I hope you didn’t mind me getting up on my soap box and getting this off of my chest.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


Current NFL Sponsors:

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Campbell’s Soup Company
Courtyard Marriott
Dairy Management, Inc. (Fuel Up to Play 60)
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7 thoughts on “Call to action: boycotting the NFL until all players stand for the National Anthem!”

    • THe first amendment applies to all, What I’m saying is that a sporting event is not the place for making political statements. There are many other venues they could use but leave sports out of it!

    • If an employer is going to allow free speech at work, they better be awful sure all their customers agree, or at least are very tolerant. An employer may be so strong in their convictions that they don’t care if they lose some business (maybe a lot of business). Free speech is not protected at work, unless you are a federal employee. A person is free to exercise free speech at work, and an employer is free to fire them, and they would have no legal recourse. With rights come responsibilities. These players are already costing their employer money. This ‘movement’ which is about as focused as Occupy Wall Street, will end when it hits the owners check book. It is already happening. Screw all these coddled snow flakes. Screw the NFL.

  1. Sarge,

    Thank you for your rant and know that I agree with your words and perspective 100%.

    Leave the politics OUT of the (well-paid, dare I say, OVERLY PAID?!?) arena and simply provide the viewer with what THEY are paying for: SPORTS!

    I haven’t been a big sports fan myself only because I lost interest after I quit playing football and baseball after school. Soccer is cool as is basketball but I’m far too slow for soccer and WAY too short for basketball, but that’s another story. Besides, it has ALWAYS bothered me that athletes are paid to PLAY a “game” when our Men and Women serving our country in the Military are paid a pittance in comparison.

    But maybe that’s just me.

    There are a couple of observations I think that could address and, maybe, turn around, this whole kneeling thing.

    First off, POTUS could take a different stance and turn the tables on those idiotic players by THANKING them for kneeling while saying it is nice that they are kneeling as though it shows they are “praying” to our Good Lord above for providing this wonderful Nation and its flag instead of their childish protest.

    Do this as a form or reverse psychology. If anyone has the ear of POTUS or his handlers, send them the idea and see if they can “spin it” to advantage. Who knows? I COULD work, right? LOL (PS, I want credit for the idea, though. I should get MY 15 minutes of fame, too.) 😉

    Second, REINSTUTUTE the Draft and target all those eligible on the sports teams!!

    NO EXCEPTIONS should be allowed, even if it means rewriting the rules for those who might qualify for an exemption such as conscientious objector, etc. Certainly NONE could claim a medical exemption, right? After all, they are probably the MOST physically qualified to hump a mortar tube or base plate, the ammo or some other job previously assigned to the wonderful mule or horse. Additionally, removing those fine animals would make the PETA folks ecstatic wouldn’t it? Hahahahaha!

    Yeah, yeah, YEAH, I know we don’t use beasts of burden for such tasks but chances are those dumb-bunnies DON’T either and what better way to let them know we think they are ONLY as qualified to perform the same tasks because of THEIR stubornness? This would be a fine gut punch and reality check for those asswipes.

    So waddya think? LOL

    Be safe and KOKO, Brother.



  2. Agree 100%. Millionaire bugger eaters. Thank you! Thank you!. I am deeply disappointed that so many others don’t want to risk being outside the crowd. We are loosing our country.

  3. I’m not sure what the protest is even about, to tell you the truth.  Are they protesting police brutality in general, in specific, issues that haven’t been addressed?  If the issues have been addressed, what’s the issue?  Are they protesting racism in America?  If that’s the case, let’s make sure to focus on all racism; not just white on black.  If they are protesting racism, then I could support that; let’s just all get along.  But, if they are protesting police brutality in general, I’d have some reservations.  Over and over again there have been incidents of police shooting young black men who are later proven to have been a threat to cops.  And, in the incidents where they were proven not to be a treat to cops, the cops were prosecuted.  And, let’s not be kneeling during the National Anthem.  That confuses the issue and makes it appear that the players are, in fact protesting the Anthem.  If they are, then I don’t support the protest.  Do what the Dallas Cowboys did, kneel before the Anthem is played and stand for the Anthem.  I think part of the backlash against the protest as is is because it comes on the heels of demands to remove Confederate statues as signs of racism.  Someone needs to tell back people that slave owners were not racists because they didn’t consider their slaves to be human beings.  Slave were animals like cattle, thus no racism by definition.

    What is the purpose of the kneeling?  To bring attention to the problem of racism in America?  Okay, we all know it is there, but I doubt you will change a racist’s mind my kneeling on the football field; if anything, it will only reinforce what a racist thinks.  I doubt you will change a racist’s mind at all.  You can only change a racist’s behavior which we have done with laws and regulations.  Do the players want more laws and regulations?  What inequities need to be corrected?  What more can we do legislatively?  


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