What we can expect from an Economic Collapse and how to prepare for it.

Hello my friend and welcome back!  One of my readers asked me recently what my thoughts are on the subject of Economic Collapse.  I took the time to really think about the question and in today’s post, I will share them with you.  Grab a cup of coffee and have a seat while we visit.

It seems like several times a day, I see ads saying that you need to do this or that if you want to survive Economic Collapse. It usually winds up with them trying to sell you something like gold or silver.  While I do see the value of such things, it’s simply out of reach for those who are prepping on a shoe string budget.  There are however many other things that we can do now, that will help greatly in such an event.

So what do I mean by an Economic Collapse?  Basically it’s when the currency of any country becomes totally or almost worthless.  This is usually caused by the actions or inaction of the current ruling Government.  Just look at Venezuela, as a good example of what you can expect in such cases.  In their case, it was the policies of their Socialist Government run by criminals  who were more concerned with trying to prove that Socialism would work, than taking care of their people.

The end results of such is that it all falls apart and anarchy takes hold.  People tend not to work when they don’t get paid and Venezuela is no exception.  Many members of the current Military desert, to go home and take care of their families.  With no law enforcement to stop the thugs and want-to-be war lords, crime goes through the roof, leaving the people to defend themselves.  Now, add the inability to get clean water and food on the top and you have a recipe for disaster.

So what can we do? Well if you think about it, it really isn’t that far removed from many of the same disasters that we are already preparing for.  No clean water, no food, no medicine and no protection from those who would look to take advantage of others.  Sound familiar?  I read an article the other day that was talking about the people of Venezuela eating dogs and cats. In some cases, they had even gone so far as butchering the animals at the zoo, just to have meat to eat.

I know what you’re thinking, that could never happen here.  If you did, you would be wrong!  No one wants to believe that it could happen where they live, including the Venezuelans.  You see all of the warning signs, but keep thinking not here, not to us.  Then one morning you wake up to find that all of the banks are closed and may not reopen.  Everything you had in the bank is gone in the blink of an eye and the only person you can blame is yourself for not doing something while you had the chance.

OK, now let’s talk about that Gold and Silver that so many are pushing as the only way to survive when the time comes.  Let me ask you something, can you eat Gold or Silver?  I sure can’t and neither can you.  What will be valuable will be common everyday items like toilet paper and vegetables as well as many common medications.  Why?  Because people will still need them and will barter to get what they need.

Personally, I see having a large supply of things to barter with, as being right up there with food to eat.  If you have what people need, then you could always barter for more food from those who do have it.  Things like Coffee, Sugar, Flour, Salt, as well as Tobacco items and Alcohol for drinking.  A rich alcoholic will trade everything he owns for a fifth of cheap booze.  Sad but true!

Buying and storing these items now, while they are still available, is one way that a prepper on a shoe string budget could prepare for an economic collapse.  Along with their other prepping, this would give you a way to get other items that you cannot store for long periods of time like milk and fresh eggs or medication that you forgot to stock enough of.

If you watch what is going on in the world and pay close attention to the financial markets for any talk of currency collapse, then you will be miles ahead of others when it happens.   Just acccept the fact that it could happen here and store as many preps, as well as bartering supplies as you can.  This is the surest way to survive an Economic Collapse when it comes.

Well I guess that is it for today and I hope you have enjoyed today’s post so until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Save America!

-The Sargent-

13 thoughts on “What we can expect from an Economic Collapse and how to prepare for it.”

  1. “can you eat Gold or Silver? ”

    You really need to read more history before posting your best SHTF guess online. Gold and silver held their value in the Argentine economic collapse, gold rings and chains were used as currency because they still had a value people understood. The things people wanted most, not booze and cigarettes like everyone thinks, it was dvd’s and video games topping the list as it became to dangerous to let kids play outside. When asked what one item he wished he had before the collapse, the Argentine author said it was a bullet proof vest, because the black markets that popped up were dangerous to shop at.

    • YaRt,
      Listen up cupcake… you are an idiot and you won’t survive if you believe the crap you posted above. You better get your head out of your butt before something happens or your going to be in a world of hurt. You are basing your comments on something one person wrote, so let me explain something to you. I am an ARMY Veteran and I have seen this kind of crap first hand. My post is not based on guess work, but first hand experience in other countries. I have been in the $hitt and I know what I’m talking about. you better wise up Buttercup because I promise you that DVDs and video games will be the last thing they will want. Food water and Medical supplies will be their first priority.

      That is all!

  2. If I find some of my beans, grain or rice has bugs I would still keep it and use it for dog food. Just make sure it doesn’t contaminate your other food supplies.I have gotten pasta, rice, flour ect. that has insects and I bake it or freeze it before I put it away for animal food. Also dried milk that is off flavor or even oils can be used for pet food.

  3. We live in the USA, if the economy of this country goes down the toilet you are not going to be crossing the border with your gold or silver to barter for food in Mexico or Canada. When we go down they will go with us. Stock up on food, water, and long lasting clothing. The only PM will be lead and it won’t be for barter.

  4. Regarding Precious Metals… and using Venezuela as an example… those who do have PMs, have an acceptable currency to use in other nations that are NOT in an economic collapse. As we know they are traveling to other countries now looking for food. If your currency becomes worthless, PMs will still be valued in a non collapsed country. Plus, there is a black market in Venezuela and you can either barter needed items, or give them something that has value outside of Venezuela so they can go over the border and buy more to bring back and sell. True.. if the WORLD goes belly up… then commodities.. especially food, medical necessities etc.. will become the survival currency. I guess I believe that short of total catastrophe, there will be a place for PMs

  5. I agree with your analysis. However, there is an issue which should be addressed and has not, as far as I have seen on the blog. On the one hand people are encouraged to store things that will make good barter items. However how does one protect himself if the time for barter comes?

    As indicated here, chaos reigns in economic disaster. What happens when those who have nothing to barter find out about those who do?

  6. My thought is if alcohol is that important in someone’s life & they’re out of it. they’re probably out of everything else too. Certainly don’t sound like the forward thinking type of folks who would have anything I need. If your babies need oatmeal or dry milk I’ll give them to you but I will not give you fuel for an addiction. I have seen alcohol make people “10 foot tall & bulletproof” & they likely would start believing they could take everything you have.

  7. I would advise against keeping booze as a barter item. Why would you want desperate addicts finding out you have what they need? And once you barter some, they will find out.

  8. I was in the capitol city of Caracas Venezuela some years ago. It was a great city to visit. Happy friendly people. Beautiful women. Many wonderful restaurants with plenty of food and a relaxed carefree attitude.
    Many people wonder how evil socialism can be and now they know. What’s even worse is how far people can be corrupted into shoring up that failed experiment of ‘that which is yours is also mine.’
    Also, one of the first things the Chavez people did when he grabbed power was to ban all firearm ownership….Funny how that works.

  9. I always said i would rather have a can of peas than gold or silver. I don`t drink but i will have a bottle of wiskey set aside for emergacy purposes,when SHTF. I`m not into saving anything to barter with. if i don`t have it, i will make do without. Gave me coffee and tobacco and i`m set. Good post Sargent.

  10. thanks sarge, your always a great help. MAY THE GOD OF ABRAHAM, ISSAC AND JACOB BLESS AND KEEP YOU IN ALL THINGS AND WAYS. joe

  11. Could not agree more.. We started prepping a couple years ago and have reached a point where the food stocks, weapons, ammo etc. will sustain us for at least a year – maybe a bit longer. Consequently, we’ve reached a point where we have begun branching out a bit and going into barter items. Booze – especially Vodka, is a great prepper items because it can be used for a myriad of purposes. A cheap liter of Vodka is easy to purchase and will store for a very long time. Also, precious metals are a great barter. The problem that I see is so many of the commercials shown on TV are for collectable coins and stuff We have opted to invest in plain old pre-1964 silver coins that are relatively inexpensive to purchase and will likely increase in value as the economy continues to tank


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