Setting up an EOC for your Prepper group!

Setting up an EOC (Emergency Operations Center) for your Prepper group should be at the top of your group activities. When SHTF hits, you are going to need a centralized base of operations for disseminating information to your members. This could be everything from weather information to road closures and possibly even troop movements. Waiting until … Read more

Lead, follow or get the heck out of the way!

In the Army we had a saying: “Lead Follow or get the heck out-of-the-way!”  That’s still true today.  When SHTF hits, we will need strong leaders.  Unfortunately in my 60 years of living, I have found that very few people actually know how to lead.  Many people want to lead, and many think that because … Read more

Buy or Build an AR15?

Buy or Build an AR15?  That is a question that has really been bothering me.  I bought the one I have, but it seems I should have done a little more research.  A the time, I simply wanted a rifle that I could take straight from the store to the gun range without having to … Read more