Surviving in the Deep South! (Part 2)

  in Part 2 of “Surviving in the Deep south” , we are going to look at foraging for local plants and nuts in the Deep South.  There are many wild edible plants here in the Deep South, but there are surprisingly few articles on them in the Prepper sites that I have seen.  There are everything from Pecans to Cat Tail plants … Read more

Misinformation and how it hurts Preppers!

Yesterday I read an article on another Prepper website that really bothered me.  It was an article on communications and what would be the best in an SHTF situation.  The whole article was filled with misinformation and in some cases just outright lies.  It was horrible!  Normally I try to let things like this slide, … Read more

Cooking with wood and Charcoal.

  Cooking with wood and Charcoal is a challenge that many have yet to master. In this age of gas grills, many people seem to think that cooking with wood or charcoal would be the same.  WRONG!  Cooking with wood or charcoal is a lost art in many areas of the US.  In fact, when … Read more

Buy or Build an AR15?

Buy or Build an AR15?  That is a question that has really been bothering me.  I bought the one I have, but it seems I should have done a little more research.  A the time, I simply wanted a rifle that I could take straight from the store to the gun range without having to … Read more

Are your Preps Safe?

Are your Preps Safe?  Loosing your preps is a Preppers worst nightmare, however, that is exactly what has happened to some Preppers in Texas and Oklahoma recently.  Due to historic flooding and record rainfall in those states many people have been forced to leave their homes ( and their preps ) in what was previously believed … Read more

Preparing in hard times.

Preparing in hard times can always be a challenge especially if you are barely getting by as it is.  I see a lot of stories about prepping where they recommend that you buy 200 lbs. of this  and 300 lbs. of that  and a couple of cases of can goods.  The trouble is that if you are … Read more

What’s for dinner?

Hello everyone!  What’s for dinner?  As I sat in my back yard yesterday watching the Squirrels play, I couldn’t help but remember the times my father and I went squirrel hunting as I was growing up.  It was something we both enjoyed and gave us time together.   My father is gone now and hunting is … Read more