Build your alliances now!

  Build your alliances now!  Do not wait until your back is against the wall to decide that you need to have others with you.  I know people say that you need to see how people act in an emergency situation before you add them to your list of alliances. To that I say hog … Read more

Surviving in the Deep South! (Part 4)

Welcome to part 4 of the Surviving in the Deep South series.  In part 4 we will be looking at how to deal with the intense heat and humidity that is so prevalent here in the Deep South.  Ways to deal with it as well as how to handle a situation where someone has become over heated.  Just … Read more

Surviving in the Deep South! (Part 3)

In part 3 of Surviving in the Deep South we are going to look at local wildlife.  There are many local animals here in the deep south that you might not ordinarily consider as a food source because they are not normally eaten by many people. The ones we will be looking at today are:  … Read more

Surviving in the Deep South! (Part 2)

  in Part 2 of “Surviving in the Deep south” , we are going to look at foraging for local plants and nuts in the Deep South.  There are many wild edible plants here in the Deep South, but there are surprisingly few articles on them in the Prepper sites that I have seen.  There are everything from Pecans to Cat Tail plants … Read more

Surviving in the Deep South! (Part 1)

Surviving in the Deep South is going to be a multi-part article on survival techniques that can be used in the Deep South of the United States.  We will look into the special challenges faced by someone trying to survive in this South Central Environment.   I have noticed that there are a lot of articles and videos … Read more

Knowing your own limits!

Today we are going to talk about knowing your own limits.  It’s not something that you hear a lot of pepper’s talking about.  It is however a subject that we all need to be keenly aware of however.  I routinely see articles that talk about the gun drills they do and the exercises they practice … Read more

Bugging out on a bike!

  Bugging out on a bike!  I was remembering the other day about the times back when I was a young boy in east Texas.  Walking down the sandy dirt roads listening to the neighbors chickens crowing, ducks quacking, and cows mooing.  Yep, those were good times, but for some reason, I just didn’t realize … Read more