Today on video Monday we have a great video from TA Outdoors with 20 helpful wilderness survival tips. This is one video worth watching. Lots of great tips that many people don’t realize and something that every Prepper should know.

Happy Easter Everyone !

From all of us here at American Preppers Online, wishing all you a very happy and blessed Easter! May you find peace in this holy day celebrating our risen Lord Jesus Christ. -Sarge-

A time to give thanks!

Today is Thanksgiving and a day to truly give thanks, for all that we are blessed with.  With everything that’s going on in the world today, it’s easy to forget about all we have been given.  Pilgrims took time to be thankful, even though their living conditions were hard.  We have so much and we … Read more

Adventures in fire building

I received this in an email from my friend and thought because it is Monday, it might brighten your day and make you think.  🙂 Adventures in fire building or as I like to call it “How to use a first aid kit!”  I was bored last weekend and looking for something to do, so I … Read more

Misinformation and how it hurts Preppers!

Yesterday I read an article on another Prepper website that really bothered me.  It was an article on communications and what would be the best in an SHTF situation.  The whole article was filled with misinformation and in some cases just outright lies.  It was horrible!  Normally I try to let things like this slide, … Read more