Cheap DIY Improvised water filter.

How to make a Cheap DIY Improvised water filter is something everyone needs to know how to make.  Yes I know that you can buy them on line, but what if there is no internet or even a store to go to?  The process in inexpensive and easy to make yourself, so all you need is the know how.  In the video that I found below, one of the items he uses is cotton, but this could easily be replaced with a piece of cotton shirt and work just as well if not better.  I am always looking for ways to make things from common everyday items.  This reduces what you need to carry with you and makes sure you won’t run out in a couple of years.  One of the items that is used in this one is Activated Charcoal  which you can buy online or make yourself.  It’s all about surviving SHTF and adapting to what you are faced with in the new reality.  Please enjoy today’s post and video below.

-The Sargent-


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