How close are we to war with Russia?

Hello, my friend and welcome back!  I recently saw yet another news article on a Russian plane harassing our US military in international waters.  It started me wondering about just how close we are to war with Russia and just what could they ever hope to gain from it?  This is the subject for today’s post and I hope you enjoy it, so sit back and grab a cup of coffee my friend while we visit.

On June 06, 2017,  US B-52 Bomber flying a routine mission in international airspace was intercepted over the Baltic Sea by a Russian Su-27 fighter jet . This is just the latest in a string of provocative acts being conducted by the Russian Air Force against US forces and our Homeland.

In May, a pair of Russian Bear Bombers entered Alaska’s “air defense zone” escorted by two Russian jets. That instance followed several consecutive nights in April when Russian spy planes and bombers buzzed Alaskan airspace.

In February, the Russian spy ship Viktor Leonov traversed the U.S. East Coast and approached a Navy submarine base in Connecticut.  There have also been several instances of Russian jets buzzing Navy ships at sea.  What is even more troublesome, is that US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, has said that the US relationship with Russia is at a very low point right now.

All of this taken together, leaves one to wonder just what the Russians are up to?  It also makes one wonder just how anyone could even suggest that President Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin were great buddies and that Russia somehow helped him win the US Presidential election?  That is pure insanity, but let’s stick to the subject.

OK,  so the Russians are harassing our US Military, and flying bombers close to our shores, but why?  What could they possibly hope to gain in a war against the US right now?  Well of course that is the question everyone has been wondering.  Openly attacking any of our military or our homeland would bring them a great deal of condemnation from our Allies as well as many other countries.  Where is the pay off here?  It would have to be something big to make it worth it.  It would also need to be something they could hope to win and an open attack on US soil is not something I even believe they think could pull off.

They don’t need land, because they are currently facing depopulation in many of their outlying areas.  They have huge energy reserves much of which is located under the ice in the Arctic. They are a rising power in the economic world as a member of the BRIC economies (Brazil Russia India China).

So what Troubles are they facing?

Depopulation and Joblessness – This often happens when you have closed borders and don’t allow foreign investors to come in and create jobs, which people need to survive. This is one of Russia’s main troubles.  Other things are a reduction in the country’s GDP cause a flow of money into the country to drop.

Degradation of their Education System is another real problem they are facing now.  Much like the US, their continued education system is failing to keep up with demand on the world market. The trouble is that these are all interior issues which they will need to resolve themselves. So what is it that they need that is worth war to take from the US?

They sure as hell don’t want our Universities, we don’t even want these Liberal filled cesspools most of the time.  They have stopped teaching higher education and started teaching Communism and the destruction of the US.  I’m sorry, I sometimes tend to get up on my soap box about that one.

It seems obvious to me that they are probing our defenses and trying to incite a war, and yet I can see nothing they could possibly hope to gain besides creating jobs and revitalizing their economy.  If they were to try to take Alaska from the US, with all of it’s natural resources then they would gain quite a bit.

Could this be their end game?  To steal Alaska from the US?   It’s the only thing that makes any sense in the grand scheme of things.  After all, when it comes right down to it, resources are the only thing left to really fight for.  Well, that’s if you exclude Religion and Ideologies.  The US is mostly a Christian Nation like Russia, so that leaves that out.  Power?  Could it really be that simple?  Could Russia now have plans to dominate the world starting with the US?

OK, so what could Russia hope to possibly gain from a war with the US?  Power and Resources are the only possible thing I can see. If I am right, then Alaska will be the battleground of the any war with Russia in the near future.  If you have any incite into this then please share with us in the comments below.

Let me also say this, I don’t honestly believe our next war with Russia will be Nuclear, but rather conventional for the most part. (Bombs and ground weapons, as well as air assets, Cyber attacks and possibly an EMP)  There would be no point to contaminating the area if you hope to mine it for it’s resources. Now add to this what is going on with North Korea and Iran and the future doesn’t look quite so bright right now does it?  Now to answer the question of just how close we are to war with Russia?  Too damn close!  Stay prepared my friends!

I know this post wasn’t about the type of subject I usually try to write about, but it is something that has been troubling me as of late.  Please let me know if you see something I’m missing here because as a Prepper, it’s important to see what is coming our way.

Well that is it for today and I hope you have found this post useful and thought-provoking. Until next time, please stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


4 thoughts on “How close are we to war with Russia?”

  1. I’ve spent a lot of time in Alaska. Only a few miles separate Russia from US in the Bering Sea. True there’s considerable resources at stake-yet Siberia contains same plus huge deposits of strategic minerals only available elsewhere in “communist” South Africa. It remains a good question whether Russia has immediate aims on Alaskan territory-plenty of evidence has been documented of Soviet Spetnaz troops landing there covertly in the past.

  2. I can’t see a ground invasion anytime soon. Russia doesn’t have the shipping capabilities to quickly supply the armor/artillery support.

    Now, if we see a build-up of those resources, say, in Mexico, I would agree. Alaska? Canada and U.K. would immediately enter the fray.

    Yes, Russia is probing our borders purposely, but their goal is European and Middle Eastern coalitions to be strong enough to challenge us on our own soil at a later time. That is if we don’t destroy each other with nukes beforehand. The probing is intended to hopefully make us feel it necessary to redirect some of our military to the home-front, giving them a freer hand overseas.

    Will they inject special forces if we fall into a self inflicted civil war? Without doubt.


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