Congratulations to Daniel Christner the winner of the Legacy Food Giveaway!


Hello my friend and welcome back!  July the 15th we pulled the winner for the 72 hour bucket of Legacy food storage’s Emergency food kit.  The lucky winner is Daniel Christner!  Daniel, we will be in contact with you and get your  prize to you.  A big thanks to everyone who entered and I hope to have another contest kick off here shortly.

Once again I want to thank our sponsors of July’s drawing prizes; 3VGEAR.Com for the awesome Gun Case they so generously donated and Legacy Food Storage for the great 72 hour food bucket they donated as well!  Please stop by their websites and try their great products.  Both of these companies products are truly outstanding.



2 thoughts on “Congratulations to Daniel Christner the winner of the Legacy Food Giveaway!”

  1. Greetings Sarge and Huggy!
    Thank You for your kindness and allowing me to participate!
    As we have never purchased from you, your goodies will be sampled, and we will let you know. As well as, as God wills, will be making some purchases for the needs of a large family of children, grandchildren, and the grandparents, of course.
    Again, humbled for being sought out and rewarded!
    Thank You.

  2. Congratulations, Daniel!
    I look forward to a review and taste test of the prize you won!
    That is, unless they are going into your stockpile of prepping gear! 🙂


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