The cowards who call themselves ISIS and their true agenda.

Hello my friend and welcome back!  In today’s post, we are going to look at the cowards who call themselves ISIS and their true agenda.  While I have tried to avoid this subject,  I just have to speak out and say something as the world is being deceived.  Grab you a cup of coffee and have a seat while I rant.

COWARDS! That’s right, they are cowards.  Why do I say this? It’s simple really simple! Anyone, no matter who they are, that would hide behind innocent men, women, and children while shooting at their enemy, is a coward!   The atrocities that ISIS members perpetrate on innocent women and children is as cowardly as it gets.  They choose to  attack those who are the most defenseless, the ones that  cannot fight back against them, then they have the nerve to call it a religious war?  Religion doesn’t have anything to do with it; it’s just the excuse they use in order to commit the most depraved acts imaginable.  These are not the acts of good people,but those who are so afraid and are so evil that they cannot face the world as true warriors!  The act as the lowest of the low and the most evil of all of mankind.  They are no better than the animals and deserve no mercy at all.

Now I’m sure this doesn’t come as a shock to anyone who has been paying any attention to the world news this year.  I just wanted to clarify my position on the matter, and where I stand.  The Media works hard to cover up these atrocities and make them appear as people fighting a Holy War, while nothing could be further from the truth.  These are cowardly, evil people doing evil things while the world stands by and lets them.

Let’s establish a few facts shall we?  First off for those who have not been paying attention, it is the U.N. that is actually funding them because they created them to start with.  Now I know that some people blame Obama for this, but I disagree.  I don’t think that Obama Is smart enough to know how to do it, and that bumbling clown named John Kerry can’t tie his shoes without help.   As for Hillary Clinton, she may be smart enough, but like Obama she is also despised by other world leaders.  No, it is the Saudi Kings working in conjunction with the UN to both create and supply the ISIS groups.

Why would Saudi Arabia and the UN want to create ISIS you might ask?  It’s simple; the Saudis want to cleanse the world of Christians and at the same time move to make ISLAM the only religion in the world.  So what does the U.N. get out of it?  It is intended to be the catalyst for the development of the One World Government.  By creating havoc and outcry in the world over, the people will gladly accept their New World Order, without it, they won’t.

The members of ISIS always cover their faces, as though they think they can hide from the eyes of God.  They are ashamed of their own actions yet will not stop what they are doing.  They do not worship God, they can only be worshiping Satan himself because their ways, are the ways of Satan.   They are vile and evil creatures and deserve no mercy from God or man.

Have you ever wondered how a terror group could arise so quickly and have the resources that ISIS has?  Have you noticed how so many countries claim to be trying so hard to stop ISIS, but nothing seems to work?  It’s because they don’t actually want to stop them, but they need to make it look like they are trying so when the time comes, they and their New World Order will rise up as the heroes’ and who finally defeated ISIS, and brought order to the world.  This will not happen until things are much worse than they are now.  Until that time, they are going to be doing everything they can to create pain and suffering in the world while trying to maintain that they are the good guys.  This is also why the UN is all but forcing other countries to take in the Muslim refugees.  They know that they will no doubt bring chaos and destruction with them.  It is in their DNA and they will help force the world to adopt ISLAM while creating fear as well.  Their goal is domination over the entire world.  The time has come to fight back or become slaves.  Choose wisely my friend!

Well that is it for today and I sincerely thank you for letting me rant today.  I promise I will have something good for you on prepping tomorrow.  Until then, stay safe, stay strong, and stay prepared! God Bless America!

-The Sargent-

PS, in case you are wondering where all of this is coming from, here are a few links:

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And there are many many more!

7 thoughts on “The cowards who call themselves ISIS and their true agenda.”

  1. Excellent article with many good points about isis and their beliefs. Cowards always cover their faces, as they are scared Real Men will hunt them down until every single one of them collects their 70??? so called virgins. US Military fights for Freedom and isis fights for oppression of the Free.
    Stay Strong and be of Good Courage, and G-D bless the Republic!

  2. Yep,its all smoke and mirrors. Look at Venezuela, its a test run for the US, or the next flood of illegals. In the old days they would have been doing food drops. The world trade centers,give me a break,buildings don’t just fall straight down that has to be planned.

  3. Sir, I understand and appreciate your hatred but please consider that if all of the countries in the world including the US, GB and the Arab countries condemn this then why does still exist? The new world order is why. Millions must die for the good of the NWO. our own country (Obama) is much to blame for the creation and continued existence of this organization (ISIS). The world is only getting better for the NWO. People are allowing this to happen. Our own government is corrupt totally. SHEEPLE.


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