Dealing with addictions in a post SHTF world!

Hello, my friend and welcome back!  There is no doubt that when it all hits the fan, those with addictions to various items that will no longer be available will find themselves in a world of hurt.  This is the subject of today’s post so grab a cup of coffee my friend and have a seat while we visit.

In today’s society, Doctors and physicians of all kind seem to hand out medicines which are addictive as though they are Skittles, but this is only one form of addiction that we will see when it all falls apart.

Other addictions will also rear their ugly head as well with the absence of the internet; we will see those who simply cannot function without it.  Those addicted to Porn or just need to feel connected to the world with no idea how to function without it.

TV is another such addiction which people build their lives around and when it is gone, they will be completely lost and unable to cope with the world around them.  Many will decide that life just isn’t worth living without what they crave.  They will become despondent and their mind will simply leave them one day, leaving only the empty shell of a person.

In the wake of such a disaster, there will be other things which will become more common, such as PTSD and other issues that come with living while others did not.  This can be prevented if it is caught early enough and they have good friends to help them work through their addictions.

Those with Chemical addictions such as pain pills or recreational drug addictions will face the most evils; both physical and mental demons will torment them night and day until they are free of it.  Make no mistake; the mortality rate will be high among those who just do not have the strength to overcome it.

Just as many people rely on certain drugs to keep their diseases such as heart disease and diabetes under control, will parish simply because their medicine is no longer available.   In the first months of a total catastrophe, Death will be everywhere and it won’t just be from hunger and violence.

Those addicted to Porn will search to find those who they can exploit to try to ease their cravings.  These people should be shot on sight because there will be no place for them among the decent people who do survive.  They must be put down like mad dogs or burned at the stake to make it clear that such things will no longer be tolerated.

Now is that harsh?  Yes, it is, but in a post SHTF world, it will be the only way to deal with such people.  There will be no jails or prisons to keep them and no one is going to give them their hard-earned food.  Harm a child or anyone else, and the only penalty will be death, just how it will be.

So, let’s say someone you love is addicted to pain pills…  What can you do to help save them? Unfortunately, there will be no easy cure to help them.  We all need to learn everything we can about how to make pain medication from the plants and trees around us, for our own sake as well as others.

Treating the basis of the addiction will be the only thing you can do with the exception of standing by them and keep them from hurting themselves until whatever they are addicted to have completely left their system.  It will not be pretty, but one thing that will help, is the there will be a lot of heavy work to be done and if they are physically able to do it then it will speed their recovery process.

Addictions to the internet and a need to be connected all of the time will diminish in time, but like any other addictions, the busier they stay, the less they will think about the old world and what they have lost.  Some will undoubtedly go mad; there is simply nothing that you will be able to do about it.  That will just be the world we will be faced with and we will just have to deal with it the best we can.

The bottom line on addictions is that no matter what the addiction is, they will need to be kept busy every minute of the day, and only stopping to eat or sleep. Faith in God is another way to help them.  If they do not know how to pray, then teach them so that they too may be saved.

Until such time, however, pray for the best and prepared for the worst.  I hope you have found today’s post helpful and I hope I have given you something to think about, so until next time, stay safe, stay strong, and stay prepared.  God Bless America!



14 thoughts on “Dealing with addictions in a post SHTF world!”

  1. As an addiction counselor, a SHTF scenario presents an altogether different aspect. You speak of addicts who will prey on others to get their fix, however, a SHTF situation will create pain and suffering which many will not be able to psychologically endure. One of the greatest driving forces behind addiction is to ease psychological pain and suffering. A SHTF scenario presents an opportunity for the creation of increased addiction. Those who provide the drugs and other things are ones who will be seeking to gain from others suffering. Someone who cleans out a pharmacy of it’s opiates, amphetamines, etc…Has power over the addicted. Not to mention the ease with which illicit drugs can be manufactured in black labs. Those who prey on the suffering should be feared more than individuals who suffer.

  2. if someone has an addiction they should do something about it NOW not wait until SHTF. post SHTF we will have plenty of other stuff to deal with. I don’t want anyone near me post event who cant pull their weight.

    • I disagree. A crackhead has an illness which will go away in time, while a porn addict will continue to fester until he gets what he needs or he is killed for trying. They are both a sickness of the mind and will need to be dealt with harshly in a post SHTF world.

  3. The first two weeks will be filled with people going mad with need for their addictions, then up to six months to leave their systems on the worst addictions. This will be where we will see mass malnutrition, susceptibility to the common flu and a myriad of other bombardments against the bodies lowered immunity resilience. Common colds will kill as much as rampart contagions.
    People will rip apart any who look like they might have a moments answer for your shoes or coat, for food, health, innocents that are under your care, or even out of jealousy. And gangs will form until they cannibalize themselves.
    These are the days to be isolated, quiet, the gray man.
    And through all this, no matter how you plan, your plans can and will go amiss.
    The ultimate answer? For me it is this: He who calls upon the name of the Lord will be saved. It is not just about being spiritually saved. It is a belief in that God does exist and He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.
    Remember these words during this time: Call upon the name of the Lord, and you will be saved.

    We are a nation who has abandoned our God; do not now be small and say such events are now His fault. We have gotten ourselves into this mess, and no longer wanted His guidance as a nation or individuals.

  4. Sarge,
    Excellent article, and one that should be mandatory reading for everyone.
    In addition to alcohol, I can name 41 drugs (prescription and illegal) that contribute to addiction in our overly tolerant society. I don’t doubt that there are other drugs that I’ve missed. To be brutally honest, the last thing I would do is admit anyone that is addicted to drugs into my post-SHTF compound, and when I say that I include family members, as well. Why? Because there are at least 37 medications used in the treatment of drug and alcohol addicts. If or when the world goes sideways, you can bet that addicts will not only be cut off from their drugs, they will have no access to the medications and clinical help needed to detoxify them and help them through the months of recovery treatment that is necessary.

    The bottom line is this: If I’m trying to facilitate the survival of family and friends who WANT to make a go of it, I don’t want an addict in the midst that will steal food and/or supplies, create dissension and generally be psychologically unstable and unmanageable.

  5. In the 80,s I quit drugs, the early 90,s I quit booze, the mid 90,s I quit cigs. My only addiction now is coffee. I would rather have coffee than food.


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