Defending what is yours in a post SHTF world!

Hello my friend and welcome back!  In today’s post, were going to discuss defending what is yours in a post SHTF world.  We have all heard the expression that “you only have what you can keep.”  In a post SHTF world; it will be all the more true, than ever before.  Grab yourself a cup of coffee and have a seat while we visit.

One thing is certain about an SHTF situation and is that you can look for a breakdown in law and order, as people get more and more desperate.  When this happens, if you are not already prepared to defend what is yours, then you won’t have very long.

So, what can we do now to get prepared for it?  I have a few ideas, I would like to pass along to you and hopefully help you..  These are just common sense things, but the very first thing you need to do is to except that others will try to take your preps.  Accepting this, will start you on the road to keeping what is yours.

Hide most of your Preps someplace where not even your relatives and family know about.  Good places like a hidden room or underground bunker of some type.  They can’t take what they can’t find and if you don’t tell anyone about where you have them hidden or even that you have them hidden, you will bee well ahead of the game when it comes time.

Don’t let yourself think that just because someone is a good friend or a relative that they won’t come knocking at your door when they run out of food. If they know you have food stored up and hidden, you could be forced to make some hard decisions, with no good solution.  Don’t let that happen, don’t ever let anyone know you have hidden preps.

Securing your home or apartment is another thing you can do now.  Put sensors on all of your doors and windows as well as in the attic if you have one.  They don’t have to be fancy, just something to let you know that someone is trying to get in.  If you know they are coming,  you can be ready for them and stop them before they can do any harm.

Next is adding Video cameras, to cover all sides of your compound. Whether you use wired or wireless make no difference as long as they are reliable and cover all sides of your compound or home.  If you can see them coming before they get there, then you have a much better chance of fighting them off.

Make a plan!  Take a good look around your apartment complex or home and look for ways to fend off any attack.  If you own your land and are in the country, you could always build fox holes to shoot from.   The same is true for making a forward lookout post that is well hidden for watching roads.  Look for the best places to shoot from when being attacked and make preparations to use them in case of an attack.

Use blackout curtains in your house, so any light you use inside cannot be seen from the outside.  Light travels a long way at night and could draw unwanted visitors.  The same is true for smoke.  A hungry person can follow the smell of a camp fire for miles away.  The best way to defend your home is to not draw needless attention if you can help it.

Once they have found you, fight like hell and never give up.  If you fight hard enough and long enough, they may lose interest and move on.  Look for escape paths, where you could sneak away if you are over run by superior forces.  By having hidden caches of food and equipment nearby, you can at least live to fight another day or maybe even go back once they have lost interest in your place.  If they find little food and water, then chances are, they won’t be there long, so hide your preps well.

Hide your preps and make a plan to survive any attack and practice it often.  You just may be able to keep what you have, when SHTF comes.

I guess that’s it for today and I hope you have found this post worth your time.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America a!

-The Sargent-

6 thoughts on “Defending what is yours in a post SHTF world!”

  1. Booby traps come to mind!!! Nail boards,marbles,mousetraps, lightbulb filaments, punji sticks,ect. Lol Welcome to my parlor sad the spider to the fly!

  2. A trick I learned when I was working afternoons. Light always found a way in. Then a friend showed me the aluminum foil trick. they put it over cardboard with about a half inch extending over the edge and pushed it into the window frame. it was light tight. Just cut the cardboard as close as you can for the fit light can get by the cardboard but not the foil. I glued mine on and some handles to help installing it. It works real well and no light will get out. Paint the cardboard flat black so it looks like an empty room from the outside.

  3. I’m not as concerned about attack as I am of theft, in particular a post EMP -type scenario in the middle of winter and neighbors are stealing wood from my woodpile. I can’t go around shooting my neighbors but I need that wood and certainly can’t bring it in the house to secure it.

    • Hate to tell you guy – don’t even bother prepping – if you’re not resigned to the fact that’ll it’ll take force – all the way to deadly force – to protect and preserve what you have – it’s a lost cause for you …

      Firewood? – that’s how it’ll start – food & water next – tools – your warm clothing – right up to the point they toss your bare azz out of your home ….

    • You don’t have to kill them; just fill their butts full of rock salt. That should make your point. Or just kill one – self defense & all that. Nothing lower than a thief.


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