Dick’s Sporting Goods are a national disgrace !


Hello, my friend and welcome back!  This is just a short post to ask you to help us show Dicks Sporting Goods how shameful their actions of destroying Tons of firearms are just to please the Demoncrats and the Liberal crybabies.  Please visit their Facebook page and leave a message letting them know what you think about what they are doing.  here is the link I for one will never buy anything from them again!   If we don’t fight for our 2nd Amendment right, we will lose it.  The time to act is now and this is how you start.

God Bless America!


11 thoughts on “Dick’s Sporting Goods are a national disgrace !”

  1. Sarge, I am so sick of companies getting political about a God given right of self-defense. I am not on FB, so I can’t reply to them. I would probably be censored anyway and have my first amendment violated too.

    I don’t understand, they sold the supposed shooter a shotgun that wasn’t used in the alleged attack so we aren’t selling a different gun and we are destroying our supply of them. Hmmm I wonder what the stockholders think about all that money. LOL

  2. I do not do Facebook, because I do not like soulless corporations knowing more about me than I do, but I will never shop at Dicks again. Nor REI, for their protest against the NRA

  3. I have bought my last anything from Dicks. I will go out of my way to dissuade everyone I know and strangers from doing business there also.

  4. Sarge, I went a little further than that. I went into the store, asked for the manager, and told him what I thought. I did tell him I did not hold him personally responsible; I realize he’s just a guy trying to make a living. I did, however, suggest he dust off his resume & get a respectable job – like playing piano in a whore house. I think the poor kid was glad to see me leave.


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