Don’t get fixated on any one SHTF Scenario!

Don’t get fixated on any one SHTF Scenario! AS Preppers, it is easy to become fixated on a single scenario be it EMP or Economic Collapse.  This is when you continue to focus on a single event and build all of your preps around it.  If that one doesn’t happen and something else does, you may find that you are not prepared at all for what has actually happened.  We need to prepare for a large variety of issues and create our preps to handle each one.

Scenario # 1 – Let’s say you believe that Economic collapse is inevitable so you stock up on large quantities of Gold and Silver. In doing so, you neglect to add additional food stores because you figure you have enough precious metals and can simply buy more if you run out.  You may not stock up on enough first aid supplies thinking you can just buy some off of someone else.  What happens if when SHTF happens and it is an EMP or a Cyber-attack?  Then what do you do?  That money will be useless if there are no items on the shelves at the stores.   Suddenly you may find yourself surrounded by the wrong kinds of supplies and not have what you need.  Planning for only one type of scenario is dangerous and should be avoided at all cost.

 Scenario #2 – Let’s say you plan for an EMP attack and instead it turns out to be an economic collapse instead.  There are plenty of supplies in the stores, but you have no way to purchase them.  What would you do then?  You spent all of your money on buying electronics and putting in a protected cage but in the process you failed to purchase precious metals.  Can you see where I am going with this?  Putting all of your eggs in one basket is not very smart.  We need to plan for all emergencies, not just one or two.  Failing to plan is planning to fail and that is not what you want to be doing when it comes to your preps.

Scenario # 3 – You have only planned for an EMP or Economic Collapse when creating your preps.  Now we are attacked by a foreign nation on our own soil using nuclear bombs.  Because you haven’t prepared for this, you have no respirators or radiation suits.  You don’t even have a Geiger counter so now you don’t even know if it is clear to come out of your home or if the local water is safe to drink.  In this scenario, you would be totally screwed because you hadn’t prepared for it.  You figured the chances of it happening were slim to none, so why bother?  Right?  Now with all of the money and time you have spent on your preps, you wind up being at the mercy of others and facing a long slow death.  It is critical that you work through every possible scenario and consider what you would need regardless how unlikely it might be.

Scenario #4 – You have planned for Economic collapse and civil unrest, but a plague hits the US and begins to wipe out the entire population.  Your money and guns will do you no good against the germs that cause the plague.  You have no protective suits and no vitamins or antibiotics to protect you or your family.  How will you work your garden, hunt, or even get fresh water if you haven’t properly prepared for this scenario?  There are all kinds of things that can go wrong and yes, I know that it is impossible to prepare for all of them.  That is just a fact of life, but you can’t just focus on only one or two possibilities when you are prepping.  You have to see the big picture and plan for as many as you can.

Scenario #5 – You plan for every manmade disaster that you can think of and instead a Hurricane of Tornado comes through and wipes out you home and all of your supplies. You have no fresh water, no food and no way to get any more.  Now what will you do?  You have to plan for both manmade and natural disasters as well.  Remember to never put all of your preps in one place and to take precautions to keep them safe and dry.  If you have done that then you can simply go to one of your caches ad get the supplies and temporary shelter you need. You would be far ahead of anyone else that hasn’t done that.  Like I said, the key here is to plan for as many different disasters as you can.

If you are like most people, money is the primary consideration for what you prep so you have to use your prepping dollars as wisely as you can.  I will put a small list of just a few of the items you should be prepping for depending on where you live at the bottom of this post.  Take a few minutes and look over it to see which ones you have not prepped for.  Look for life saving items that are unique to each disaster and be sure to add them to your preps.  You should also consider the perfect storm scenario where more than one thing happens at one time.  It is always a possibility.  The goal here is to survive no matter what happens.  Do not focus on any one thing and consider all disasters as a real possibility.  Do this and you will be prepared for anything!  Well I hope I have given you something to think about and maybe even an idea or two.  Until next time, just remember that prepping is a direction of travel and not a destination!

  • Economic Collapse
  • Electromagnetic pulse (EMP)
  • Nuclear Attack
  • Foreign invasion
  • Plague
  • Cyber attack
  • Martial Law
  • Hurricane
  • Tornado
  • Earthquake
  • Chemical Attack
  • Terrorist attack
  • Social Collapse
  • Tsunami
  • Famine

These are just a few.  If you think of any I missed, please add them in the comments below.  🙂


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  1. -The rapture- if you are left behind. -when the anti Christ comes -comets/asteroids. -extraterrestrial attack/invasion


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