EDC Bags, and Dealing with every day threats.

Hello, my friend and welcome back!  We do a lot of talking about Bug Out Bags, Get Home Bags, and even Survival Bags, but we tend to avoid the EDC Bag, and today I hope to correct this, so grab a cup of coffee my friend and pull up a chair while we visit.

So what exactly is an EDC (Every Day Carry) bag?  To start with it’s not a purse!   I just wanted to get that out in the open to start with.  Both men and women can carry one, because it’s all about saving lives, mainly yours.

Some people use a sling pack or a small backpack for their EDC bags. Others use a Quick deployment bag to keep theirs in.  They usually have a rough and rugged look to them, yet are very versatile.  Mine is a quick deployment bag with a belt to strap it around my waist or throw it over my shoulder if I need to.

So what exactly do you keep in one?  Things like knives, a bandanna, emergency tools, etc.  All of the little things that you will need if you get stuck in an elevator or stranded in a building somewhere.  Items like a flashlight and maybe a little food and a pack of emergency pack of water.

If there was an earth quake and you were pinned inside a building and couldn’t get out? That Get home bag in your car or the bug out bag at home won’t do you much good now will it?  This is where having an EDC bag is so critical.  Now don’t miss understand me, you don’t have to walk around with it, but it needs to be some place where you can find it when you’re at work or school.

You can keep one in your locker, or at your desk, as long as you can get to it at a moment’s notice.  Should you fall victim to a terror attack while at the office or in a meeting away from the office.  It’s the backup plan to your backup plan if you know what I mean.

The ability to strap it around your waist or across your shoulder is critical and should not be taken lightly. It will do you no good if you need it but don’t have it with you now, will it?  EDC bags are every bit as important as Bug 0ut Bag and should be treated as such.

Let me give you an idea what I carry in mine.

  • Flashlight
  • Pistol W extra Mags.
  • First aid kit
  • Folding knife
  • Fixed blade knife.
  • A bag of kindling.
  • Two power bars.
  • A foil packet of drinking water.
  • A couple of Mylar Emergency blankets.
  • A good Compass.
  • A map of the area.
  • A Baofeng Radio with the battery charged but disconnected.
  • A Cell Phone charger.
  • Spare set of keys.
  • Emergency phone numbers and ham radio call signs for friends and family.  You may know them by heart…but in an emergency you could draw a blank!

While this is not all I have, these items could save my life if something were to happen, and if not, they help me sleep a little better at night knowing I’m doing everything I can to make sure I’m around to support my family.  You should do the same because they do depend on you and you can’t help them if you’re dead.

It doesn’t take a lot to put together an EDC Bag so there is no reason for not having one.  Even if your just out hunting or hanging out with your friends, you never know when you might need to have one.  Better Safe than sorry as they say!  Well, this is it for today and I hope you have found it interesting.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong, and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


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  1. Good article Sarge! I would like to see one sometime about concealed carry options for everyday people. I use a galco ankle holster with a 2″ Taurus with Crimson trace laser grips and people that have known me for many years never even have a clue that I carry. And the laser grips on the small barrel are accurate to 30 ft.


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