Favorite books

Hello everyone!  I get a lot of people asking me what my favorite books are so I decided to put a list together with links where you can get them if you decide to read them yourself.  I currently have several hundred books on survival so this is just a few of them.  In this day and time, we all need to keep learning and preparing for what is coming.  I have found that the fiction books also have a lot to offer in the way of what to expect and how to deal with it.  Many of the books on this page are actually books that can teach you a lot while still entertaining you in the process.  I will only list books on here that I have personally read and feel I can safely recommend for all  Preppers.

-The Sargent-

The home books written by A. American

The home books written by A. American is a set that I can whole hardily recommend.  I have read each one and can highly recommend them as they give a what I consider to be a very real look at what we can expect in the event we are ever attacked by an EMP here in America.  The breakdown of society and the desperation of survivors not to mention how some will seek to dominate the weaker and helpless people in the world.  A. American is a skilled story teller and has a way of making the characters in his books take on a life of their own.  It is a fast action book that never gets boring.

When Morgan Carter’s car breaks down 250 miles from his home, he figures his weekend plans are ruined. But things are about to get much, much worse: the country’s power grid has collapsed. There is no electricity, no running water, no Internet, and no way to know when normalcy will be restored—if it ever will be. An avid survivalist, Morgan takes to the road with his Prepper pack on his back.

During the grueling trek from Tallahassee to his home in Lake County, chaos threatens his every step but Morgan is hell-bent on getting home to his wife and daughters—and he’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.

The ultimate guide to surviving anywhere, John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman’

SAS Survival Guide 2E is the revised and updated edition of the world’s preeminent survival guide, covering everything from basic first aid and campcraft to strategies for coping with any type of disaster. Long considered the supreme handbook for outdoor skills and preparedness, this new edition—expanded by renowned survival expert John “Lofty” Wiseman to include information on all of the latest navigation and survival technology—is a must-have for all campers, hikers, boaters, and adventurers.

The Distant Eden collection by Lloyd Tackitt

The Distant Eden collection by Lloyd Tackitt is a must read!  With plenty of survival tips and a good does of humor it is a joy to read!

 December 2012, a massive solar storm knocks out the power grid. Three hundred million Americans are suddenly faced with a survival situation. They have no water, electricity or fuel. Food rapidly disappears from the store shelves, not to be replaced. Only three percent will survive. Those three percent will have much in common. What does it take to be one of them?

The Last Stand Series by John Mack

John Mack, a Prepper and former soldier, struggles to save his family and community after an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) takes out the country’s electrical grid. With most electronics, communications and transportation destroyed in a matter of seconds, the nation quickly collapses into anarchy.

For John and the other residents of Willow Creek Drive, the breakdown of social order throws them back to the 1800s. As the community tries to come together, a powerful outside force appears that threatens their survival. Will John’s years of military and prepping experience be enough to keep them safe?

Mixing tons of useful prepping tips into an action-packed story, Last Stand: Surviving America’s Collapse is a must-read for any fans of survival fiction.

The long lonely Road series by TJ Reader

The long lonely Road series by TJ Reader is a great read. I think at last count there are 44 books in this series. I have read everyone and they are each worth the time read.

This is the story of a man in his later years who finds himself a very long way from home and hearth when the SHTF. It’s a tale of the drive to get home come hell or high water.

I’m writing it about the way I myself would get home after an event. I can only hope I would do as well in real life.

 State of Emergency (Collapse Series ) by Summer Lane

State of Emergency (Collapse Series ) by Summer Lane is a truly good read!  Summer Lane is my favorite Female writer and she has written a really great series.  I look forward to her other books as well.

What would you do if the world as you know it ended in an instant?
How far would you go to survive?

Cassidy Hart is your typical High School graduate: A little shy, a little sarcastic, and a little naive. But when an electromagnetic pulse takes down the United States, she’s forced to kick into full survival mode when she gets separated from her father.
Yeah. Things suck.
But with the help of a handsome soldier named Chris, she just might find her dad without getting into serious trouble.
Emphasis on might.
Oh. And there’s the matter of avoiding getting killed in a world that’s quickly turned into an active war zone.
It’s going to change Cassidy’s life.
It’s going to be a major pain in the butt.

 I will try to add more as I get the time.  -The Sargent-