Where To Get FREE Survival And Tactical Gear For Your Prepper Kit

When it comes to getting survival and tactical gear for your prepper kit, the cost can really start to add up. So if you see free gear being offered, you must be considering whether you should grab these deals or not.

As preppers and survivalists, we understand that you might be skeptical about whether the gear these sites are offering are actually 100% free. You’re probably wondering how it’s possible for companies and manufacturers to give away free gear and whether it means that there’s a compromise on quality. 

To save you from wasting your time on offers that simply aren’t worth it and to avoid getting scammed by bogus companies, we’ve researched multiple offers and suppliers to give you the lowdown on some of the best places to get free survival gear.

Ready to snag some good deals? Let’s get started.

Is There A Catch? Is This Gear Really Free?

The answer to these questions generally depends on the site, supplier or the individual offer so it’s worth assessing ‘free gear’ on a case by case basis. 

Most websites will require an exchange of information at the very minimum. This would usually involve you inputting your details such as your email address in order to gain access to the ‘free’ offer. 

Many sites will offer free gear but you’ll need to pay shipping or handling charges. This can sometimes be at an inflated cost but overall you’ll still pay less than buying the items outright. 

One catch that you’ll want to avoid is signing yourself up to any monthly subscriptions or standing charges. 

Always make sure that you read the Terms and Conditions as well as the fine print on the Check Out page to avoid a potentially expensive mistake. 

Why Do Companies Offer Free Survival And Tactical Gear For Your Prepper Kit? 

This is a good question to ask as it can seem strange to survivalists and preppers that companies are willing to simply give away free gear. 

Often companies will give away a small ‘first’ product in the hope that you will then become a loyal customer and purchase more from them. 

Many people who get a free gift will then return to that same brand or company to purchase future survival gear.

Companies are keen to generate clicks to their websites and offering free tactical gear is a great way to encourage traffic. 

Offering a free gift often doesn’t cost companies a huge amount as they order the products in volume so often get them at a lower cost than normal. 

Our List Of Recommended Free Survival Gear!

We scoured the internet to find the best offers for free survival gear and verified whether the offers were actually free. Let’s jump right into it.

Free Knives

Knives can serve as a useful tool in any number of emergencies – from cutting yourself free if you are ever trapped, to ensuring you are always prepared if you’re ever attacked. You can also use them for building shelters or for cutting wood for a fire. 

This combat dagger is stainless steel and won’t rust easily. It has a double edge blade which measures 4.7”. The rubberized handle is non-slip and it can be used for a variety of functions including self defense in an emergency situation. 

The standard cost for this combat dagger is $59.95 but with the offer you’d only have to pay the $11.95 shipping which includes UPS expedited service.

Cost: $0

Shipping Fee: $11.95

If you’re looking to get a 5 in 1 EDC Tactical Survival Knife, you’ll be excited by the free offer on Fight Fast. Giving you not just a knife but 4 other essential survival tools in the palm of your hand, you won’t regret taking up this special offer. 

You’ll need to enter your credit card details to checkout but you’ll only pay $9.95 to cover shipping charges. At the checkout you’ll have the option of more special offers, such as a lock pick set, at a reduced rate. 

Cost: $0

Shipping Fee: $9.95

Free Survival Fire Starters

When you’re in an emergency situation you’re unlikely to have access to a consistent power supply. This can lead to a struggle to keep warm and the danger of hypothermia. You’ll also struggle to cook food without power. This is when a survival fire starter can be life saving. 

This pocket size fireclip is free, but you’ll need to pay $9.95 for shipping and there’s an advisable extra $2 for parcel and shipping insurance. 

Ape Survival offer a huge range of survival equipment and there are some great taster offers which will allow you to get starter items for free. 

Cost: $0  

Shipping Fee: $9.95

The Waterproof Lighter available from Lifestrike could be really helpful to you if you’re in extreme weather conditions and need to start a fire. 

Emergency situations such as floods often leave people stranded without any ability to cook or keep warm so having a waterproof lighter could save your life. 

With Survival Life you’ll only need to pay $3.95 shipping charges for this free waterproof lighter. 

Cost: $0

Shipping Fee: $3.95

Free Flashlights

If you lose power or are walking in the dark, a flashlight is an essential piece of equipment. They’re easy to keep in your emergency bug out bag or get home bag and can save you from tripping over obstacles and injuring yourself or making noise. 

This free flashlight uses LED bulbs that can last up to 100,000 hours. It is waterproof so you’ll be able to use it in storms, floods and other extreme weather conditions. With 5 preset modes, you can quickly change it with the click of a button and vary between High, Medium, Low, Strobe and SOS. 

With Free Flashlight you’re only required to cover shipping costs which will be $9.95 for one flashlight. 

Cost: $0

Shipping Fee: $9.95 

Free Survival Blanket 

An emergency poncho or survival blanket can have a multitude of uses. Survival Frog offers you the chance to get one for free and we think it’s a great offer. 

A standard Mylar blanket, this will offer you warmth and protection in harsh conditions. You can lie it on the floor of a survival shelter to protect yourself from hypothermia, or you can use it as a cover or tarp if you need shelter from above.

The survival blanket is lightweight and doesn’t take up space so you can keep it in your emergency bug out bag or get home bag for whenever SHTF. 

Cost: $0

Shipping Fee: $3.95

Free Face Masks Covers

With the events of the last 2 years, face masks have become a common feature of our lives. 

For survivalists and preppers it’s important to always be fully stocked with face masks and coverings in case you encounter a situation where you’re exposed to harmful chemicals, pollution or dust in the air. 

You can get a pack of 5 Nu Flo face masks which offer PM 2.5 Filtration. These are valveless and come with a replaceable filter. With this offer you’ll receive the face masks for free. 

Be prepared to pay $29.95 for shipping charges. This is reduced to $9.95 if you decide to buy only 1 mask. 

Cost: $0

Shipping Fee: $9.95-$29.95

Free Tools

Survival and Bushcrafts have an excellent free offer for a survival multi tool that you can easily fit into your pocket or wallet. 

This multi tool includes 11 tools in one and you’ll be able to carry it around for everyday use. Not only does it have a saw blade and a knife edge, it also offers a bottle opener and a water compass. 

Cost: $0

Shipping Fee: $8.27

Free Tactical Pen 

Tactical pens are a really useful piece of equipment. They’re discreet and ideal for a bug out bag, grayman backpack or emergency get home bag. A tactical pen has a blunt end which can be used for breaking glass or other barriers, as well as a sharp end which can help you to defend yourself from attackers. 

This tactical pen is made from aircraft aluminum and is offered free from Survival Life. It’s a high quality pen that’s often hard to get hold of from retail sites where it can sell for over $50. 

Cost: $0

Shipping Fee: $19.95

Free Survival Books

For survivalists and preppers looking to get off grid or simply avoid being monitored by day to day surveillance, Avoid The Eye is insightful and offers step by step advice. 

You can learn exactly how your smartphone has been programmed to spy on you and learn simple ways to turn off tracking on devices such as your TV, smartphone and computer or tablet. 

Cost: $0

Shipping Fee: $3.95


Overall, there are some really good deals out there when it comes to getting free survival kit by mail and online. Getting survival and tactical gear for free is a great way to test products and start to build up your EDC bag or bug out bag without spending a fortune. 

We’ve provided you with a wide variety of options to get your free survival gear and snag some excellent deals. 

We’ve also explained to you the way in which these free survival gear providers work so that you’re aware of exactly what you may be charged for (usually shipping and handling fees) and how to avoid any hidden costs.

Remember if you do want to find an extensive range of survival tools, knives and emergency equipment, you always have the alternative of ordering from Amazon where you’ll be able to quickly and easily compare prices and check out customer reviews.

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