A fun way to learn tactics and teamwork without killing yourself.

Hello, my friend and welcome back!  Today’s post is going to look at something from a different angle and hopefully, learn or expand your skill while having fun, so grab a cup of coffee and have a seat while we visit.

While recently talking with a friend of mine about different tactics that could be used in different situations, his teenage boy walked up and stood there listening silently as we talked.  We were comparing notes on the best tactics for getting out of a particular situation.  The whole time we talked his son just stood quietly listening.

Finally, his son spoke up and had a completely different tactic for the situation we were discussing.  We both agreed that it was a much safer tactic to use, but where would a 15-year-old boy learn such an advanced tactic.  His knowledge of many of the weapons we were discussing was also amazing.

I finally had to ask him where he had learned so much about tactics and weapons because I know that they don’t teach that shit in schools anymore.  His answer not only made a lot of sense but it was something I had never seriously considered.  He said he plays a lot of “first person shooter” games on his X-Box and other devices.  I was floored!

As it turns out, the games these kids play today are nothing like the ones we played.  We always just played for fun with no real learning involved.  Not these kids, these guys actually have to know a lot about weapons and tactics to advance through the games.  I guess I’m just getting old because it never occurred to me that they would use real facts and moves when they built the games.

What this 15-year-old kid knew was scary. I asked him how long he had been playing the games and he said he had just moved to the first person shooter games a few years ago.  Before that, it was mostly kid’s games as he called them.  So does that mean that there are adult games now?  The young man quickly sat and began schooling me on the different types of games that are out there and I was blown away, to say the least.

I knew infantrymen who didn’t know what this kid did.  I asked if his kid was a genius or something? Of course, he said he is…just like his father!  I knew right then he was feeding me BS!  He admitted he was and that his kid does well in school, but he isn’t an Einstein or anything.

I have to say that all of this had the gears whirling in my head.  Is it possible that there are young people out there who have learned all of this stuff but just have never been through the real thing?  What all could I learn from playing these games if they are that realistic?  What the heck?

I then started doing a little digging into game boxes and the games out there.  Now, I always tell people that they need to learn to use what resources they have available when making big decisions and this one was no different.  You see, I work at a University and spend my days basically babysitting young adults, so I decided to question them about it.

As expected, they of course laughed at the old man for being so far behind on the times.  One even asked me how I could be so good at designing software, while basically not knowing anything about gaming.  I always considered gaming something for children.  I can now see that has changed, however.

I then asked how many of them were into gaming.  All of them it seems.  I then asked them why and the response was not what I was expecting.  The primary reason given by most of them was that they taught you critical thinking.  Then asked how many of them could tell me what a M4 was.  Again almost all of them said they did and some of them started giving me a breakdown of how it worked and problems you might find in the field.

You got all of that from a game I asked?  No was the response, I looked it up, so I would know what to expect in the games I play.  The others just shook their head in agreement.  Now I’m really feeling old, while also feeling a little more optimistic about the future of our nation.

I made the executive decision to get an X-box One (meaning I asked my wife) and see if maybe this old dog could still learn a few tricks.  The student’s all agreed that if I’m looking to play first person shooter games, then that is what I should get.  While I still haven’t been able to get one, my wife assures me I will have one soon.  (My birthday’s in January)   Once I get it, i will keep you up-to-date on what I find out.

Do any of you have gaming boxes and if so which one and what game do you play?  WOW!  I can’t believe I just said that because it sounds so crazy.  If what I’m being told is correct, then it should be well worth the money and time to maybe learn something new and reinforce what I already know about tactics and weapons.

My youngest son surprised me by saying he has one and we could play against each other.  He apparently didn’t mention it before because he thought I would think it was a waste of time and money.  The sad part is that he would have been right.  I have to admit that this is something new for me, but I’m not dead yet, so I might as well learn all I can, while I can.

I guess that is it for today and I hope if you have tried this then you will let me know if it works.  Until next time, stay safe, stay strong and stay prepared.  God Bless America!


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  1. Here is one you might like, it’s called “Tom Clancy’s The Division”. It’s about a plague that hits the world and the thugs have taken over NY. It’s single and multiplayer. 🙂


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