Get you head in the game!

When it comes to Prepping, most of us concentrate on gathering supplies and learning new skills.  However, many of us tend not to think about the psychological aspects of dealing with a TEOTWAWKI situation.  We tell ourselves that we can handle it, but the truth is that many of us just don’t have our head in the game when it comes to issues that may arise when TEOTWAWKI actually happens.  In this post, we are going to look at ways to prepare and the importance of it.

When TEOTWAWKI actually hits, we will be forced to make some hard decisions. Some of these are decisions… many of us are just not mentally equipped to make.  We are used to living in our nice little world, where we have had time to think through most of the decisions we make every day.  Without realizing it, these prior decisions make our life a lot easier, so it would only make sense to start thinking through some of the hard decisions we will be forced to make when TEOTWAWKI comes.  I’ve found that a great way to do this is the “Conflicted” card game.  In all honesty, it has forced me to consider making decisions on things I never would thought of on my own.  These are decisions that deal with things like turning away a hungry child, or killing someone for stealing food.  They challenge your very morals, and leave your stomach in knots just thinking about them.  I strongly recommend that you get a set and play the game with your friends and family or even work through the deck by yourself.  The questions on the cards will force you to consider the best way to handle decisions, that you will be forced to make and you may be surprised what you learn about yourself in the process.  If you make the wrong decision when TEOTWAWKI comes, you could seriously jeopardize the lives of yourself and those you love.  Moral dilemmas will abound, and having thought through them in advance, can make all of the difference in the world.

Urban Survival Playing cards are another great way to get your mind ready for TEOTWAWKI.  This card deck is loaded with tons of survival tips and training. Each card can be used as a flash card, for quizzing, or for starting conversations on preparedness and disaster situations.  These are powerful survival tools that you need to have in your arsenal.  There is also a deck on Wilderness Survival as well.  Being small and light, they can easily fit in your Bug Out Bag and double as a deck of playing cards when you are not studying.  Get these cards, read them and learn what they have to teach.

Dry Fire training cards are another way to work on the skills you will need to survive mentally, by learning advance Dry Fire techniques by many military training groups.  They can increase you accuracy by teaching how to mentally prepare to shoot, as well as techniques that will help be a better shooter.  Besides low light drills, there are drills to lock in fundamentals, learn/hone advanced tactics, exercise based drills, and complex motion drills included specifically for their ability to help shooters develop neural pathways (muscle memory), in a fraction of the time required with traditional training.  If you don’t already have a set of these then by all means you need to get a set.

The key here is to start thinking about TEOTWAWKI and what you might face when it comes.  Preparing your mind is every bit as important as preparing your body and your supplies.  Don’t let your mind be the weak link In your plan.  Read and learn everything you can.  Train your mind to be ready for the hard decisions so that you don’t get slapped in the face with reality and not know what to do.  Read up on the psychology of gun fights and knife fighting as well as negotiating with other people.  Whether or not you and your family and friends will survive, could ultimately come down to whether or not you prepare your mind now for the coming darkness.  Your mind is a tool, use it and take care of it so when the time comes you are ready.  Well I hope I have given you some information that you can use and maybe even an idea or two in the process.  Until next time, just remember that Prepping is a direction of travel and not a destination!  Keep on prepping!

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